Monday, July 2, 2012

Emma Kunz

Emma Kunz

My great uncle Ernst Aeppli was a contemporary to an artist and healer  named, Emma Kunz.

"Emma Kunz, the "discoverer" of AION A, found this healing substance in the same manner that Edgar Cayce often did. She utilized kinetic testing, in the form of a pendulum, to identify the exact location. ANION A is another healing substance that defies analytical science's attempt to explain cause and effect. This substance's method of action is even more mysterious than the smectites and healing quality micas. ANION A is currently available in Swiss pharmacies, although there are export plans in the future."

Swiss Artist Spotlight

"A discovery is Emma Kunz. They saw themselves not primarily as an artist but as a healer and researcher. The Aargau possessed miraculous powers, as we know it of great saints. The most important tools in the drawings is the pendulum. The same images and mandalas are strictly geometrical. Emma Kunz objected to the belief in miracles. "There is no miracle - it's all legality," she said.

Eva Aeppli also dealt extensively with the other world. In the form of human heads, it represents the twelve star signs. Before she turned to astrology, she sewed life-size dolls. They are like living dead scared, and provoking dialogue."

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