Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great12: Krickelin

Thiel Krickelin
b: 1514 in Wilsenroth, Germany
father: Peter Krekel
d: unknown
wife unknown

Dietrich "Theodor" Theodore Krekelius

Maximilian I (22 March 1459 – 12 January 1519), the son of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor and Eleanor of Portugal, was King of the Romans(also known as King of the Germans) from 1486 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 until his death, though he was never in fact crowned by the Pope, the journey to Rome always being too risky. He had ruled jointly with his father for the last ten years of his father's reign, from c. 1483. 

Emperor Maximillian and his Cannon Makers
Germany, 1500

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  1. You are amazing!!!!! Peter Krekel appears to be my 14th great grandfather! Thank you for sharing your research! I am using your pages as citation in my tree! Thank you for the pictures, too!!!!! I am in St Louis County, Missouri.


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