Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Late Father: Leu

I am first generation American on my father's side, as he was a Swiss citizen. He came to America to go to art school in San Francisco. He did not marry my mother, though they were together about 3 years, I believe. Well, my mother's autobiography tells me they met in August, 1963. I know they broke up shortly before I was born in October, 1965.

Felix Vital Leu

father Hans Felix Leu
mother Eva Maria Aeppli
born 1/22/1944
place Basel Switzerland, within Basel-Stadt canton
half sister Miriam Tinguely

The Rhine in Basel

married 2/15/1968
wife Loretta Dolores Buscaglia
place London England
children (Andrea's) Jane, (Loretta's) Jean Philippe '67, Ama '68, Aia '71, Salvador "Ajja" '75
died 5/1/2002, at age age 58
place Lausanne Switzerland
occupation artist, tattoo artist

My parents lived on the island of Formentera off Spain in 1964. My mother is seated on the chair in the corner. My father is in the chair with his back to the camera.

I don't know what time my father was born, but I can put his planets in my chart with some accuracy.

Sun Aquarius in my 2nd
Moon Sagittarius in my 1st conjunct my Moon 12th
Mercury Capricorn in my 1st
Venus Sagittarius conjunct my Venus in 1st
Mars Gemini conjunct my North Node
Jupiter Leo in my 8th
Saturn Gemini on my 7th cusp
Uranus Gemini conjunct my North Node
Neptune Libra on my midheaven
Pluto Leo in my 8th
North Node Leo? in my 8th

Obscure Voyage By Boat 1940 Paul Klee (1879-1940/Swiss) Felix Klee Collection, Berne, Switzerland

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