Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great 2: Aeppli and Pluss

Henrich Aeppli and Jeanette Pluss
Heinrich Aeppli, d. 1895
Mrs. Aeppli, 1910

Heinrich Aeppli grew up in Wadenswil on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Henrich Aeppli and Jeanette Pluss served in Basel Mission in Ghana where Henry died in 1895 of a tropical disease.*
correction by Lisbeth Aeppli: Heinrich died in Hamburg after returning from Ghana

Willi Aetti Aeppli

Basler Missionar und Linguist Johannes Zimmerman mit seiner Frau, Catherine Mulgrave, und ihren Kindern. 

The Basel Mission, founded in 1815, became a central hub between Europe and Africa in the nineteenth-century. Hundreds of missionaries from around Europe were trained and commissioned in Basel, and many African visitors to the city came because of connections with the mission.

mission21, Missionsstrasse 21, CH-4003 Basel, Switzerland, tel. (+4161 260 23 09), fax (+4161 260 22 68)

Basel Missionaries

"[Back row from right to left:] O. Dillenz, W. Schmid, H. Hürlimann, P. Steiner, G. Münz, A. Mohr. [third row from right to left:] Mrs. Huppenbauer, L. Maue, J. Schweizer, A. Deyhle, W. Duisberg, J. Weiss, J. Schopf. [second row:] Mrs. Hirsmüller, K. Hirsmüller, Mrs. Maue, Mrs. Hürlimann, W. Rottmann, Mrs. Goetz, A. Gsell, F. Fischer. [front row:] Mrs. Aeppli, Mrs. Furrer, Miss H. Brugger, Miss S. Imhof, Mrs. Erhardt, Mrs. Lädrach, Miss S. Schall."

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