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Paternal GGP: Aeppli

Aetti Willi Aeppli
born  June 3, 1894
place Ada, Ghana
parents Henry Aeppli and Jeanette Pluss  see biography
residence AargauSwitzerland
wife Martha "Mono" Hess
children Annemarie "Ava", Eva Maria, Christoph, Vital Vitzig
died 1972, age 78

Ghana c. 1890s
Aargau, Switzerland c. 1890s

Willi Aeppli

Born in 1894 in Ada, Ghana, where his parents were active in the Basel Mission. After school, he attended the seminary in Zurich. It was followed by a study of the Germanic, the German language and literature at the University of Zurich. From 1921 he had several encounters with Rudolf Steiner. By 1927, Willi Aeppli taught at various cantonal schools.From 1927, a year after the founding of the Rudolf Steiner School in Basel, he was there, working up to his death in 1972, as a teacher.

The Basel Mission is a Christian missionary society active from 1815 to 2001, when it was merged into Mission 21, the successor organization of Kooperation Evangelischer Kirchen und Missione(KEM) founded in 2001. Members of the society came from many different Protestant denominations.

Old Bridge in Basel, Switzerland, 1890

Willi Aeppli (1894–1972) was a master Waldorf teacher in the Rudolf Steiner School in Basel, Switzerland. He is remembered as an excellent teacher who used his observations and daily experience to enrich his classroom teaching. He also led many informal courses on the art of education for teachers and prospective teachers throughout his long career as an educator."

Books by Willi Aeppli:
Biography and Waldorf Education (Paperback)
The Developing Child (Paperback)
Sense and Nonsense in Education
Teacher, Child and Waldorf Education

"Anthroposophy, a spiritual philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world accessible to direct experience through inner development—more specifically through cultivating conscientiously a form of thinking independent of sensory experience. In its investigations of the spiritual world, anthroposophy aims to attain the precision and clarity of natural science's investigations of the physical world. Whether this is a sufficient basis for anthroposophy to be considered a spiritual science has been a matter of controversy."

"The Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was the head of the German Theosophical Society from 1902 until 1912, at which time he broke away and formed his Anthroposophical Society. He may have abandoned the divine wisdom for human wisdom, but one of his main motives for leaving the theosophists was that they did not treat Jesus or Christianity as special. Steiner had no problem, however, in accepting such Hindu notions as karma and reincarnation."

"Most critics of Steiner find him to have been a decent and admirable man, even if prone to beliefs in his own clairvoyance and in things like astrology. Unlike many other "spiritual" gurus, Steiner seems to have been a truly moral man who didn't try to seduce his followers and who remained faithful to his wife."
Rudolf Steiner was born February 27, 1861, in Donji Kraljevec (Lower Kraljevec), a town that was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (it is now in northern Croatia). Steiner married Anna Eunike in 1899, but the marriage later ended in divorce.

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