Wednesday, November 16, 2011

John J Brennan

Greg's maternal great great grandfather:

John J. Brennan (b. September 1867, d. December 02, 1940)

John J. Brennan (son of Edward Brennan and Hannah Brennan) was born September 1867 in Minersville, PA - marriage certificate of daughter says New Castle Township, PA, Cass Township., and died December 02, 1940 in Minersville, PA - 321 S. Delaware Avenue,Minersville, PA. He married Hannah Foley on August 18, 1890 in Heckscherville (Cass Twp.) by J.C. Wynne, daughter of John Foley and Ellen McGee.

 Includes NotesNotes for John J. Brennan:
per marriage certificate: Residence: Cass Twp., Place of Birth: New Castle Twp.

Per Aunt Sissy - he was good to Nanny, would take her to visit her sister and then Old Buzzer would pick up. Also remembers Nanny would send notes to him when she needed money. and he would send it to her. Aunt Sissy also remembers he would visit, walk around the table a few times and then leave, she also remembers him selling tea and coffee.

More About John J. Brennan and Hannah Foley:
Marriage: August 18, 1890, Heckscherville (Cass Twp.) by J.C. Wynne.

Children of John J. Brennan and Hannah Foley are:
  1. +Edward Brennan, d. date unknown, Philadelphia, PA.
  2. +Anna Gertrude Brennan, b. April 19, 1895, Heckersville, PA - marriage certificate says Cass Township, PA, d. April 18, 1948, Monmouth Memorial Medical Center, NJ.
  3. +Gertrude Brennan, d. date unknown, Pottsville, Jalapa section of Pottsville.

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