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types of cousins

I have no first cousins. My mother, Andrea Campbell, was an only child. My late father, Felix Leu, had a half-sister who had no children (Miriam Tinguely).
Miriam Tinguely Artist


David Bollag

Willi Aeppli is my great grandfather.  So his brothers, Fritz and Ernst, would be my great uncles.
Willi was father of Eva, my grandmother, and Felix was her son, my father.
Ernst would be your grandfather, Susi your mother.  So Susi would be Eva's cousin.
Fritz's daughter, Lisbeth, would also be Eva's cousin.
Susi and Lisbeth would be my first cousins, twice removed.
David would be my father's first cousin, once removed.
David would be my second cousin, once removed.

My father Felix's cousins, Matthias Haerri, Barbeli Aeppli, Cora Aeppli May and Rachel Sisemore, would be my first cousins once removed.  These folks are all Swiss or Swiss American.

Matthias Haerri, son if Annemarie "Ana" Aeppli

Cora Aeppli May, daugher of Vital Aeppli
lives in Atlanta, GA

Cora's sister, Rachel Aeppli Sisemore, daughter of Vital Aeppli
Their half siblings are David and Joan Schaublin.

Their children are my second cousins: Cora's children Ben Rodman, Tabitha Rodman, Eliot May, Corwin May; Rachel's children Melissa, Stephanie and Wendy Minnich.

Eliot May
lives in Louisville, KY

Corwin May
lives in Atlanta, GA

Tabitha Rodman
lives in Chicago, IL

Ben Rodman
lives in Louisville, KY

Stephanie Minnich
lives in Columbus, Ohio

Melissa Minnich Binkley
lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Michayla Binkley
No picture of Wendy Minnich



My mother Andrea's cousins, (late) David and John Heyman, would be my first cousins once removed.  She has more cousins below.  These are the children of her mother's brother, Lud.

the boys are Terry Traver, John and (late) David Heyman, and Andrea Campbell

HEYMANS - Back row: Lud Heyman (Grandma's brother), (late) David Heyman (his son), David's wife (second) Martha Sue Greathouse-Heyman, Grandma Inez Heyman Campbell, (mom) Andrea Campbell, Grandpa Malcolm Campbell, Pam (John's wife), John Heyman (Lud's son). GGP Arnold Cyrus Heyman in chair. Back row kneeling: (brother) Josh Stallings, Ruella Heyman (Lud's wife). Kids from left: Daughter's of David, June Heyman Gates (now) and Jean Heyman Mosley (now), me (Jane Leu Rekas), Michelle Heyman (John's step-daughter) , Erik Heimann* (Unc. John's Son), next to Erik is Peter (Heyman) Bailey (David's son, different mother than Jean and June) and behind him is his sister Susan (Heyman) Bailey

*Erik changed the spelling of his last name to the orginal spelling, Heimann.
Their children are my second cousins: Peter, Susan, Erik, June and Jean. (see below also)

I have been unable to find Peter and Susan Heyman.

Jean Marie Heyman Mosley

Steve & June (Heyman) Gates
lives in Roswell, New Mexico

Erik Heimann* and children
lives in Olympia, WA


My grandparent's siblings children are my first cousin's twice removed: My grandfather Malcolm Campbell's sister Mary's son Malcolm Donald Gynther; Malcolm's brother Donald's children Donald Barcher, Jr., Nancy, Kathleen; Malcolm's brother Angus' children Bruce, Joan Ann, Carol; Malcolm's sister Jean's sons Terry and Angus.

Kneeling Great Grandpa Albert Alexis Campbell, baby is Malcolm Gynther (9 months), Left to right: great aunt Mary, Malcolm (my grandpa), Donald with Donald Jr. (3 months), Donald's wife Neva, John (husband of Marjorie), my (great) aunt Marjorie, man almost hidden is Angus, great aunt Jean, grandma Orpha Brumbaugh.  The dog is Pootie.
The picture was taken by Mary's husband, Lawrence Gynther (died 1932).

I have second cousins once removed who are the children of my first cousins twice removed:

1) Malcolm Campbell (my grandfather)

My mother: Andrea Campbell
Me: Jane Leu Rekas

2) Mary Beatrice Campbell Gynther

Mary Campbell's son, Malcolm Donald Gynther's children: Lawrence, Lynn, Lisa, Dana

works in Newnan, Georgia
lives in Auburn, Alabama

Dana Lee Gynther Garcia

Dana Gynther was born in St Louis in 1963, the youngest daughter of two psychologists. Ten years later, her family moved to Auburn, Alabama, where her parents taught at that large state university. She, however, attended the University of Alabama, majoring in Political Science and French. After she received her BA, she spent a year and half in France, first working as an au pair in the village of Blaye, then bumming around Paris. When she returned to the States, she went back to UA and received an MA in French Literature. In 1994, she got married and moved to his hometown in Valencia, Spain in 1994 where they work as teachers and translators. In fact, the two novels Dana has written were both inspired by translation jobs. Dana is still in Valencia and Spanish now occupies most of the foreign-language sector of her brain. She lives with her husband and their two daughters, Claudia and Lucia.

Crossing on the ParisBy: Dana Gynther
This edition: Trade Paperback, 384 pages
Publication date: November 13, 2012
Other Formats: eBook

3) Donald Barcher Campbell

I have been unable to find Donald or his children, Donald, Nancy, Kathleen,

Donald Barcher Campbell's children:
Donald graduated from OR State U. as a mining
engineer, worked in a mine in AZ for a year, then went to work for DuPont Corp.
Donald was a bit of a mystery. 
I found his son's obit: "
Donald B. Campbell Jr. passed away Dec. 17, 2009, in Pueblo, Colorado. Donald was born Sept. 19, 1927, in Portland, Ore., to Donald and Neva Campbell. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado in 1951, was an Eagle Scout and was a veteran of the U.S. Army. His survivors include his wife, Marguerite; sons, Don and Walter; two sisters and several nieces and nephews. No viewing or public service. Cremation in the Davis Crematory."
second cousin once removed, Donald Barcher Campbell Jr.'s children: first cousins twice removed:
Donald III and Walter
Nancy Campbell's children: unknown
Kathleen Campbell's children: unknown

4) Marjorie Campbell McDonald

Marjorie Campbell had no children that survived.

5) Albert Angus Campbell

Albert Angus Campbell Phd's children with Jean Winter (Michigan Hall of Fame):
second cousin once removed,

Joan Ann Campbell's children: unknown

Carol Campbell's children: unknown

Bruce Campbell's children: first cousins twice removed: Kristen, Robert

6) Jean Campbell Traver
Jean Campbell, died 2008 of stroke
Jean Campbell's children with Verifeld Oliver "V.O." Traver:
second cousin once removed, Terry Campbell Traver's children: first cousins twice removed: Steven (1965), David (1966), and Timothy (1969)
second cousin once removed, Angus Traver' children: first cousins twice removed: Angus Jr. ("A.K."), Joseph Oliver Traver and Scott Traver

Second cousin Terry's kids: First cousins twice removed: Steven (and wife Erika) have two boys, Chase (1997) and Drake (2005). David (and wife Heidi) have a girl (Jessie, 1999) and a boy (Ian, 2004). Tim (and wife Sarena) have a girl (Talia, 2002) and a boy (Jet, 2003).  She designs jewelry:

Second cousin, Terry Campbell Traver has been married three times. The first, Loretta, is the mother of Steven and David. The second, Connie, is the mother of Tim. The third, Laren, has no children. Laren and Terry are still married (since 1981), and we reside in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, since 1995.

Second cousin Angus, also has three sons: first cousins twice removed: Angus Jr "AK", Joseph "Joey" Oliver, and Scott. He ... and his first wife (Terry Lynn) divorced. Both Angus Jr (who goes by A.K.) and Joey have kids, but I've not met any of them. They all live in Southern California.

Joey's wife has a blog ( with info about the family, but it appears to have gone moribund six months ago. Angus has remarried twice, and currently lives in Spokane, Washington.

Dan, (first cousin twice removed) Joey, Ryan, Jeff Paggi, Jeff Grace (godparent to Jack), (first cousin twice removed) AK (Angus Jr.) and Austin.

Types of Cousins

"In kinship terminology, a cousin is a relative with whom one shares a common ancestor. In modern usage, the term is rarely used when referring to a relative in one's own line of descent, or where there is a more specific term to describe the relationship: e.g., brother, sister, aunt, uncle. The term blood relative can be used synonymously, and underlines the existence of a genetic link. A system of degrees and removes is used to describe the relationship between the two cousins and the ancestor they have in common.

The degree (first, second, third cousin, et cetera) indicates one less than the minimum number of generations between both cousins and the nearest common ancestor. For example, a person with whom one shares a grandparent (but not a parent) is a first cousin; someone with whom one shares a great-grandparent (but not a grandparent) is a second cousin; and someone with whom one shares a great-great-grandparent (but not a great-grandparent) is a third cousin; and so on.

The remove (once removed, twice removed, etc.) indicates the number of generations, if any, separating the two cousins from each other. The child of one's first cousin is one's first cousin once removed because the one generation separation represents one remove. Oneself and the child are still considered first cousins, as one's grandparent (this child's great-grandparent), as the most recent common ancestor, represents one degree. Equally the child of one's great-aunt or uncle (one's parent's cousin) is one's first cousin once removed because their grandparent (one's own great-grandparent) is the most recent common ancestor. "

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