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Hi Jane,
we are related!

Delving into family history (Aeppli-Plüss in Ghana), I came across your blog. My name is David Bollag, I live in Zurich with my American wife, Cynthia Bollag-Goldstein.

Willi Aeppli, the Anthroposophist, had two brothers: Fritz, a Protestant minister*, and Ernst, a Jungian psychologist, my grandfather. Ernst married Gertrud Zschokke and had two children with her: my uncle Heinz (b. 1925) , and my mother Susi (1928-2005). After Gertrud's death, Ernst remarried, and had twin daughters in 1945 (Doris and Christin).

*correction from Lisbeth: Fritz was an auto mechanic who owned and Auto Repair shop, he also went to Africa on missionary twice.

I am in close touch with Fritz's daughter, Lisbeth (b. 1924), who lives in New York City. She knows a lot about the Gold Coast background. I am sure she woud like to hear from you.

 [removed contact info.]

Hope to hear from you! David

P.S. My mother Susan was very close to Eva's sister, Aya, and her son Matthias. It's interesting that you have a black half-brother. According to Lisbeth, one of the missionary relatives married a local woman in Ghana with whom he had some children.
Jeanette Plüss had to have her leg amputated without anesthesia. She returned to Basel, had more kids, and liked to shock/impress the grandkids with her leather prothesis...*

correction from Lisbeth Aeppli: it was Jeanette's sister Lydia's leg that was amputated.  Lydia Pluss was married to a German missionary, also with the Basel Mission in Ghana.

Willi Aeppli is my great grandfather.  So his brothers, Fritz and Ernst, would be my great uncles.
Willi was father of Eva, my grandmother, and Felix was her son, my father.
Ernst would be your grandfather, Susi your mother.  So Susi would be Eva's cousin.
Fritz's daughter, Lisbeth, would also be Eva's cousin.
Susi and Lisbeth would be my first cousins, twice removed.
David would be my father's first cousin, once removed.
David would be my second cousin, once removed.

David's father was Max Bollag.

Aeppli coat of arms

"In the 20th century, besides numerous books sold here but published in other countries and those mentioned previously from Jungians, there have been a number of other books by Swiss authors available for those interested in dreams and their meaning. Possibly the most famous is the one by Ernst Aeppli who published Der Traum und seine Deutung (“The Dream and its Interpretation”) in 1943. "
Ernst Aeppli (born April 28, 1892 in Brittnau, Canton Aargau; † 26 August 1954 in Zurich) was a Swiss psychoanalyst (School Carl Gustav Jung), who also took account of the interpretation of dreams.

After visiting the teacher seminar in Zurich Aeppli was initially multi-class teacher on the Hasliberg in the Bernese Oberland and then teacher at the German School in San Remo. Between 1914 and 1918 he did Border Guard Service as a medical orderly and studied by the way (and after) both at the University of Zurich as well as at CG Jung.

In 1923 he earned his PhD. Because of his experiences in his practice as a psychologist in Zurich he could publish his knowledge in several works.

Ernst Aeppli is the author of several books on psychology, all in German.

  • Life conflict - a psychological counseling (1942)
  • The dream and its interpretation (1943)
  • Psychology of consciousness and the unconscious (1947)
  • Personality - The Character of a mature man (1952)
  • Psychological counseling (posthumous 1956)

He is mentioned in this book on page 25:

Dreamlife: How Dreams Happen by Rufus Goodwin (Jul 2004)

Willi Aeppli is the author of several books on Waldorf education.

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