Thursday, April 7, 2011

correspondence from Switzerland

Dear Jane

Since my last mail in March 2011 I was able to find some more data about
your family. The “German” side, the ancestors of Frieda Elisabeth
Schmidt, is well documented in a book about Efringen Kirchen, a village
just across the border.

Data from the “Swiss” side, the ancestors of Hans Mathias Leu” is much
harder to obtain. New data, from the last century are protected by our
low. By skimming through the Kantonsblatt I could find a few more

Hans Leu, the father of Hans Mathias was born in Burgdorf in the canton
Bern. His father Jakob was teacher there. The father of Anna Jenny came
from Waldenburg a village in the canton Basel-Landschaft not far from
here. All church records of Basel-Land are in the Staatsarchiv in
Liestal. It is not difficult to go there, but I can not do it just an my
way doing shopping as I do it in Basel-Stadt.

Do you use a PC program to manage your data? PAF or Reunion are fine
programs to help to administrate family data. I send you a list made by
PAF. It is the German version of PAF, so the abbreviations are German.
(G = Geburt = born, O = Ort = place, H = Heirat = marriage, T = Tod =



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