Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pics from Patrick Black, grandson of Don "Pete" Campbell

Donald "Pete" Campbell's siblings
Jane Leu Rekas

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Don Campbell Jr. 1946

Don "Pete" and Neva Campbell, 1953

Donald Barcher Campbell

Albert Alexis "AA" Campbell, 1956
Happy Birthday to us 1964
Mike Black (11/21), Kathleen Wiedower (11/26), Donald “Pete” Campbell (11/21)  and Pat Black (11/21)

              Black Family circa 2008
Jon, Karen, Mike, Dorleen, Rebecca, Pat, Elizabeth

Nancy (Karens Mom), Kathleen C Black

Kevin, Sergio, Kathleen, Kendal, Ken, Nancy, Roger, Zoey, Kari, Maya

This picture was taken last August (2011) when Kathleen, Sergio and family were here visiting from Spain. We were celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary and had the picture taken to show off our most important accomplishments . The grandchildren are growing up. Kevin is 17, Kendal 19, Maya 20 and Zoey 21.

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