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Maternal GGP: Campbell

Malcolm Campbell was my grandfather (not Malcolm Gynther).  I knew his sister, Marjorie, the best and spent many Saturdays in my adolescence hanging out with her.  I also met their sister, Mary, on occasion.  I met their brother Angus, once or twice.  I never met their sister, Jean, that I recall.  And I never met their brother, Donald.  But I just got new info on Don "Pete" here and here.
Kneeling Great Grandpa Albert Alexis Campbell, baby is Malcolm Gynther (9 months), Left to right: great aunt Mary, Malcolm (my grandpa), Donald with Donald Jr. (3 months), Donald's wife Neva, John (husband of Marjorie), my (great) aunt Marjorie, man almost hidden is Angus, great aunt Jean, grandma Orpha Brumbaugh.  The dog is Pootie.
The picture was taken by Mary's husband, Lawrence Gynther (died 1932).

Albert Alexis Campbell (pictured kneeling)
father Christopher Christain Campbell - Scottish (and Dutch)
mother Rebecca Mary Zuck - Swiss
born 1871
place Aubbeenaubbee Township, Fulton County, Indiana
married 6/25/1897
wife Orpha Brumbaugh (pictured above, far right)
children Marjorie, Mary, Donald, Malcolm, Angus, Jean
died of heart attack 5/17/1957, age 60, outliving his wife 13 years
place Portland, Oregon
occupation Superintendent of Schools
education Classics (Greek and Latin)
diploma Primus
place University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

1. Malcolm Alan Campbell, PhD b: 6 JUL 1905 in Peru, IN
2. Mary Beatrice Campbell b: 9 DEC 1899 in Peru, IN
3. Donald Barcher Campbell b: 1901 in Peru, In
4. Marjorie Rebecca Campbell b: 17 APR 1898 in Akron, OH
5. Albert Angus Campbell, PhD b: 10 AUG 1910 in Leiters Ford, In
6. Jean Campbell b: 1913 in Portland, OR

Albert went blind from a dental abscess. He asked Andrea to play piano and sing Danny Boy to hm. Malcolm made a braille map out of wood and wire of the farm for him.

Per the "Fulton County Folks" article, Albert Alexis CAMPBELL was
born on the family farm near Leiters Ford, IN. He attended the
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, MI, and graduated there in 1897. He married Orpha,
"of Kewanna, Ind." Their children, Mary, Donald and Malcolm were born in
Peru, IN, where Albert was Superintendent of Schools 1900-1908. The family
moved to Leiters Ford in 1908. There A.A. CAMPBELL was superintendent of the
grade and high school 1908-1912. He also owned the grain elevator there;
Albert's younger brother "Barch" was employed by Albert to run the elevator.
In 1912, A.A. CAMPBELL moved his family, including the 2-year-old Albert
Angus, to Portland OR. Albert had obtained a position to teach in one of the
high schools and later became a school principal. At the time of his
retirement in 1938, Albert was principal of one of the largest grammar schools
in the city.

5521 N. Haight Ave, Portland, OR

Albert survived about 15 years after his wife's death. He died in 1957,
at the age of 85. "He had returned to Indiana several times, and the last
time in 1947 to attend the 50th anniversary of his graduation from the
University of Michigan.

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Fulton Co. Pub. Library; Rochester, IN. (Photocopy owned by compiler.)
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4. Obit. for Christopher CAMPBELL, "Rochester Sentinel," Jan. 25, 1904.
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Ernie Grubb-Mar 2000

Men's Fashion around 1870

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