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Strubin, ancestor of Ballmers

Harold & Ilah's 55th

Hi Jane,
I hope spring finds you well. 
I have been remiss is keeping up with Ballmer data. The attached is a revision of one of the lines that branch off of the Ballmers. I hope I have included enough data so that you can place it. If not, let me know.
The revision comes about as a re-look of the data from several sources. Ray Green, Harold Kwast, and I retranslated a couple of sources, and had to decide which was the most reliable. Problems arise from the Swiss German dialect used, and terms no longer in use. I'll attach a version of the translation and you can see what I mean. As I was looking through my Ballmer file, noticed other things you might like to see.
At any rate, we were trying for better accuracy and hope we have achieved it. 
Harold has since died. He was a great source of knowledge and family lore. His wife, Ilah, is our actual cousin. Photo is anniversary.
Ed Rose

Lietal, Switzerland
1. PART 
The origin of the citizen-family Strübin of Liestal 
From D K Gauß Pastor 
It is notable that the members of the family Strübin, barely, that it had settled in Liestal, in the small town an important role it played that mayor became the one, Heinrich, the sons the alters, Hans, with names like << the noble prince >> and << mighty man >> was distinguished.  That would be completely incomprehensible, if the Strübin, like the citizen-book of Liestal declares, from the Baden village Herthen would have immigrated.  Differently however the matter stands if the Strübins come from high-respectable family of Basel. 
At the beginning of the 18 century, the pastor Wilhelm Strübin of Bubbendorf has, 1667 - 1726, himself with the origin of his family employs and lays down the result of his investigations in writing.  He believed to know that come the first Strübin of Solothurn in the year 1381 after Liestal, 1401 Heinrich Strübin is original forebear born, 1424 his eldest son Hans, whom another has followed 1431, born.  About the latter, he tells that he has become captain and citizens to Solothurn afterwards.  However no belief is these information to give.  Because from the 1401 born original forebear Heinrich Strübin writes he: he helped 1477 << as campaign-masters vnder the colonel of Eptingen with the confederates the battle bey Nancy in Lorraine against Hertzog Carolum the naughty of Burgundy wins, nöthen rescued the colonel of Eptingen from death, that also him the because of his daughter to the woman given, from which that Dorff Ziffens come also to him, vnd erbeuttete the gemelten Hertzogs guilder of bowels, still to show which to generation in vnserm, vnd Hertzog Carll betittelt becomes. >> that is not history but pure fiction.  If it would not be like this, then Strübin have to become a mayor at 98 years and 117 years old has become.  Only the names are right in this report. 
Another presentation from the same period names as woman of the mayor Emma Schelly.  This name would point to Basel into a family, that has put also members of the council.  The citizen-book offers one, names, Anna Gsell, the observation change merited, because actually a daughter of the mayor the name Anna Trägt.  Something certain cannot be said.  Certainly inaccurate is that become Strübin 1496 mayors, that he has had a son Peter, the captain to Solothurn been; maybe, this note refers on the brother of the mayor or on one of his great-sons, that 1542 born sons Chrispians, Peter.  However the first has died in Basel, and the latter has come scarcely permanent after Solothurn.  Inaccurate is more distant that the son of the mayor, Hans, who has been father of Michael and Heinrich, and there mayor still the daughters Appolonia, Brigide and Margreth, more final with a Hans of Ulm, a drayman from Swabia marries, has had.  Because all these claims which that lists all heirs stands in the contradiction with the document of the 13 March 1535, but from these children nothing knows the citizen-book of Liestal names as original leap-like home of the Strübin Herthen in the Baden.  Alone also that is a mere conjecture, that doesn't have lasted itself.  All these of late traditions are to be let therefore fall to extract the documentary sources against it to installment however, that actually give a certain answer in the most important thing for the question after the origin of the citizen-family Strübin. 
On the 20 May 1416, squire bought Hans Strübin of Wattweiler, round Sennheim in the Alsace, the cloth-man and citizens and Gerd of Altdorf, his first wife, that Hans to the Sträblin at the available-road No. 27 to Basel.  Certainly emerges from it that Hans Strübin, from the Alsace descendant, citizen to Basel became.  In accordance with his occupation, he stepped into the elegant guild to the key, the guild of the merchants, cloth-shearers and cloth-dealers an in the oldest guild-book appears Hans Strübli for the year 1441 as old Sechser.  So since the records don't go back further, can certainly only be presumed that Strübli was in the year 1440 of new Sechser; it is however very probably possible that he has been appointed into this office already earlier.  It is certain that he has remained in this position up to his death. 
In the for Basel so importance-desires years 1444 Hans Strübli was a captain.  Under their captain Henmann Sevogel, man to Wildenstein, the Waindenburger personnel was pulled after St Jacob, about with the confederates the Heldentod, to die.  Castle and city Waldenburg were therefore bare.  In badly faithless manner, Solothurn looked for itself the palace at that time to take hold.  Henmann Offenburgs and Matthis Eberler had been caused even by Solothurn, after they that << pitiful evil Mär >> from the battle with St Jacob had heard.  Offenburg had believed, that his son Peter is also fallen, Waldenburg found him however healthy in the castle.  As he came down on the following day in the town ettes, he was warned, he should go on the castle again since he would like to die otherwise.  Offenburg went with Matthis Eberler, the constable Heinrich of Uetingen, the captain Hans Strübli and master Oberli, the table-maker, in the Brodtbecken Herberg.  Barely they were there, so came the Solothurner with skewers and Helebarien and pushed open the door.  Offenburgs and Mathis Eberler exited.  The Solothurners put them the skewers on the hearts and demanded, that the castle would hand over them, they had to otherwise would die.  Offenburg answered, before he opened the castle against his honor them, they had to would kill him first.  , To do it ware only about the brat however.  And if he already dead ware, so they would not have the castle however.  Likewise, also Hans Strüblin and the remaining spoke.  The Solothurner intent failed this because of the allegiance men bravely. 
In June 1445, Hans Strübin became a guild-master to the key and with it at the same time also member of the council.  In the following year, he was admittedly ousted as guild-masters again, he sat 1452 about it - 1454 and 1455/56 again in the council. In the year 1464, he was a keeper the << alms enet Ryns >>. Strübin had come to bigger fortune.  He had himself/itself the Zerkindenhof, also Hagendornshof on the Petersberg, Nadelbergs No 10, acquired.  On the 27 May 1465, he bequeaths it to his wife.  For the last time, Hans Strüblin is mentioned 1469 as Sechser of the guild.  In the following year, he is other replaced with one.  Hans Strübin has therefore died 1469/1470.  His widow is mentioned on the 16 September 1472. 
From his children sin duns known: Heinrich, Hans, Peter Leonhard and Niklauses.  Leonhard settled in Sept with Hirsingen in the circle Altkirch in the Alsace, therefore withdrew into the old homeland of his father.  His daughter Enneli lost her husband Burkhart Götschin early, married Heinrich Rudi of low-Sept however soon again and gave at the 2 April 1500 at the construction of the high pen (minster) of Basel, d h at the church of the community, in which your father grown up, wr, 35 guilders and transferred him further 165 guilders of main-estate, that you had paid interest on the council of Basel with 4% until then.  Peter Strübin, that drayman and Enneli his wife, bought the house named to the Drachenfels at the old Rindermarkt on the 24 October 1490, Gerbergasses No 15. on the 20 February 1497 possessed it the brother Heinrich Strübin of Liestal, it sold on this day however.  Shortly before, Peter Strüblin had bought the house to the Frauenstein at the Frienstrasse Nr 14.  In the year 1504, Peter had already died without leaving own children.  Heinrich Strübin and Steffen Rein, the husband of a sister, pulled the house, on which they lie money from the inheritance, had, at itself.  Peter's widow, Anna that in first marriage with a Gebhart marries wr, Gebhard bequeathed her three stepchildren Hans, Matthäus and Mergeli in the year 1512 the house to the anchor at the Blumenrain Nr 14.  Hans Gebhard became late mayor of Liestal.  Mergeli ward the woman of the Hans Mulich, tailors, of Basel.  This married a daughter of the mayor Heini Strübin in second marriage.  The chaplain was in the year 1468  
The castle-chapel of the blissful virgin Maria and the sacred cross on Farnsburg, Johannes Senger, died.  Hans Strüblin used the opportunity, and induced the council of Basel to present his son Nicolaus Strübe as successors.  The bishop gave his confirmation.  The young Strübin however only remained up to the year 1471 there. 
Once again, Hans Strübin knew his position to favor en of a son from, to be of use.  In Liestal, the tavern had become free to the sun.  Applied the councilwoman son Heinrich Strüblin for the old inn and got the permission from the council in Basel to buy the house.  So, Heini Strüblin landlord turned into the sun in Liestal and with the house-property, he acquired himself/itself after then right, Udel named, at the same time the franchise of Liestal. 
The young man had bleed soldiers in the veins.  As the Burgundy-wars broke out, there it didn't like him in the narrow walls of the small town.  With the rifle-cart drivers, he moved after Héricourt and participated in the siege of Blamont.  Heini Strübin ran away in March 1475 again, about which Bernern to hurry to help.  He got pay for 15 days on 5 horses 11?? 5?? [question marks here I believe relate to the currency of the times which I have no idea what they might have been] and to it for 15 days delivery 3?? 15??. start's Octobers 1475 became gedingt Heini Strübin again, in the same way << like towards Ellicordt vnd Blamont >>. at that time stripped also an Etzberg of Liestal with him.  Strübin got 12 for 7 horses?? 12??. 
In January 1476, Karl the Bold prepared to the serious fight against the Eidgeno? ?en. [can’t read my copy] on the 21 February moved 60 riders, 600 well-armed foot-farmhands, 100 hand-rifle-defending from Basel and soon on it still 200 foot-farmhands after Grandson from.  That << drayman >> did with Heini Strübly, the landlord, hold and consumed 7??. Strübin itself however also pulled with and with him still 68 Liestalers, whose names are obtained us.  He had the cloister-farmhands under himself, which, as we know that of the cloister beautiful-valley, was engaged to help the city in the emergency with her horses, cars and carts.  Strübin led the rifles, as has inferred itself from the following numbers: 
            Item II?? X?? gives Heyni Strübly vmb vnd lowers down others provoked brings to the cannons. 
            Item I?? VIII?? IV?? however Heyni Strübly gives to Solothurn whoever big cannons to beslahen
            Item II?? XI?? has Heyni Strübly vnd the drayman strained with the cannons to Balstall. 
As pay, he got for 7 horses 14 from the 19 February on?? us 14?? weekly and once again 9?? 3?? 2??. Strübin had come back cut-stone over the waiters therefore safely.  Particularly, Hans (young-Hans) had forth-done himself/itself Scherrer of Liestal.  The Baslers had conquered different guns with Grandson.  As same several Basler, << according to the Tarraß cannons to Grandson conquers hand >>, about a gift asked, there Scherrers asked also Radegk and Hans, they their work, to consider half. 
On Wednesday the 27 March, Strübin left with 7 horses after Murten again.  The main-force of the Basler came off admittedly only on the 15 June.  The ski-eight took place on the 22 June.  36 Liestalers had taken part in the move.  As the confederates swang back against end of the year to the last blow against Karl the Bold, Strübin was on the plan again.  He fought Berhhard Schilling of Basel under Veltin of Neuenstein and with in the battle with Nancy and brought the drinks as spoils stale with the picture of Karl of the bold. 
Quieter times now came again.  Strübin became member of the council in Liestal and augmented his belongings.  In the year 1486, he bought from the daughter of the mayor Arnold of Rotberg, Margerita (Gredanna), the widow of the Peter Rich of Richenstein, the church-sentence of Ziefen, d h the yard to Ziefen together with the church-sentence, d h the right, the pastor in Ziefen, to put down, and rights and justices belong to-finish all.  The church-sentence had the Eptingern, named Zivener, belongs.  By the sister Heinrich of the Ziveners, who was married to Wernher Rot, he was caused at their son Hartmanns.  Arnold of Rotberg married the last daughter Clara.  Arnold's daughter Gredenna transferred him/it at Heini Strübin.  The transition was therefore essentially more prosaic, than imagined Strübins himself the descendant the affair solicited.  Pastor was Johannes Löly at that time, that in the year 1475 on Johannes Kuntzi of Rheinfelden, at least 1469 to 1474 + [died] in Ziefen, had followed.  An Ulrich Tanner of Nollingen, Baden, pastors, that the brother-in-law of the alderman of Strübin was not however and was a pastor at a time in Ziefen, was previously where the Strübins had still to do nothing with the church-sentence.  In the year 1496, a balance took place between the place of worship Ziefen and gentleman Hans Löly his consent had to give to which master Heini Strübin, fief-man of the church Ziefen. 
[Legend under picture of cup] 
Form 1 Burgundy-bowls 
Base and inscription are later ingredients.  The inscription is: << Heinrich Strübin gon Liechstal broke these bowls us Nanse battle.  Flüch arrogance, forcht God, of sins word's eight, in the 1477.  Iar it geschach. >> 
As the Austrians lost to break the power of the confederates in the year 1499 into the country and also Liestal into serious war-danger got, there Heni Strübin was chosen to the mayor.  Indeed, one improves and war experiences been able to become entrust them/her/it hat of the small town ern man, how probably also the old mayor had also fought Heinrich Grünenfels of his time at Grandson.  Strübin had the most active sympathies for the confederates.  He didn't have sichs taken therefore, on the day of the battle with Domach the advance-hurried confederate << welds covered >> the joyous message, to bring, that the main-army of the Berner has arrived.  On the way after the Schartenfluh, he had met some Eidgenoßens, which were timidly reverse.  Roughly, he had approached them: << Dz üch gotz of sore schend, what are irs for lütt and something of tund of ir here, dz ir nit by üwern fromen heren remained like other?  Strübin went even so far that he, contrary to the command of Basel, himself completely neutral too restrained, the confederate 15 hundredweights of lead about 5?? delivered. 
Another brother Heinrich Strübins was in the course the time, Hans after Liestal come.  Hans Strüblin had his house, << zem Eglin >> named, at the Eisengasse.  On the 9 December 1462 sold he and his wife Enneli the house at Wilhelm of Mettburg, the Bartscherer.  In the year 1471, Hans Strüblin sat in the council as representatives of the wine-people-guild.  Later however he came to Liestal and practiced his occupation as shearers and doctor.  As doctor, he was very sought-after.  Because as Count Wilhelm of Thierstein left in the year 1498 in Brunnstatt at the battlefield of Dornach Hans Strübin the Casualty his help angedeihen.  He brought from the battle a what the Rhine-fields noted badly knows horse home.  Alone that day statute in Zurich of the 7 October gave him to recognize not only not their displeasing but partook him 50 guilders from the money, that the wicked confederacy lies in Lucerne, for his loyal services had. 
It is strikingly that no sons will mention Heinrich Strüblin among the children with the name Hans and Heinrich.  Because the custom was so general that the oldest sons were named after the grandfather and father that is itself not to assume, that Liestaler Schulheiß has, from their doesn't have sent.  Where they have remained however? 
On the 9 May 1515, 200 Baslers pulled, under them also approximately one dozen Liestaler, to Italy.  Your leader was Henmann Offenburg, the owner of the unoccupied-yard in Liestal.  One should not assume that himself him the mayor's son, Heinrich connected?  Captain rebounded on the third June.  Truttmann with 600 men from which 41 came from Liestal on.  Under him/it latter was also Hans Strüby, the son of the mayor.  It was completely in the order if the aged father made all sorts of reflections over the transience of all things for himself in those days.  On the day after the departure of the second son, on the 4 June, mayor Strübin stepped for the case, that his property files to his lifetimes or after his death in Ziefen would become, the preemption at Basel from.  The two sons Strübins died in the battle of Marignano.  Mayor Strübin himself died in the year 1517.  The tavern and the inn to the sun became the property of Hans Gebhardt, the stepson Peter Strüblins, that soon on it also mayor of Liestal, became.  On the 13 March 1535 sold the heirs Heini Strübins the church-sentence of Ziefen at the city Basel.  At this opportunity, we experience what has become of the children of the mayor.  The eldest daughter, whose names don't know we (maybe Margret), was at Hans Mülich, the tailor and citizens of Basel, marries, had died before 1535 however.  Leonhard had gone in the year 1523 at the university to Basel, had studied theology and had taken on the parish of Ziefen.  It was a decided supporter of the Reformation, Archidekan of the landscape became 1562 up to his death and established the 1 May 1564 the chamber-estate.  Crispian remained loyal the guild of his grandfather.  He was a cloth-shearer and lived beside the sun in the house. 
[Legend under picture of Building] 
Form 2 that << Güldihaus >> at the corner town hall-street No. 35/Rosengasse 
It forms together with the subsequent house No 37 to the << sun >> the parent firm of the Liestaler Strübin-Geschlechtes 
Ursula found Peter Rüpel her longtime companion in the Liestaler tailor, while Anna and Verna of Jakob Götz, that disciples, and Hans Martin, for whom Zieglers, from Basel, were gotten into the former home of her father to Basel.  This strong migration to the city, that did itself with the family Strübin noticeable at that time and as well later, was not something accidental but in the memory of a generation, that was aware of its origin and always tied the threads of the old context anew, justifies.  About it doesn't speak that the Ziegler Hans Martin, in the house the mayor, if he delivered the mayor his ware in Liestal occasionally, ran and his daughter won ettes Verena dearly.  In the opposite, the interest of the Baslers in the Basler child in the foreign part was done to only to it to relieve the Anknüpfung and to initiate a permanent connection. 
The mayor's brother, Hans Strübin, still lived in the year 1530.  He seems 1539 to have died.  Because a tax, to which he was indebted, was replaced in this year.  His son Heinrich probably took on the fatherly house.  The other son, Michael, possessed 1530 vines at the Strübin in the year from.  The progenitor of all Strübin of Liestal, that dead like the living, however the Basler guild-master is to the key, alderman and Captain Hans Strübin, that has in-worked through his descendants as hardly another into the history of the city Liestal. 
Is not with injustice with in that been renewed going rebuilding of the town hall of Liestal the memory of the first Liestaler Strübin to end, in that his picture has painted at the stairway-wall and the legend has become amongst them-sober. 
Heini Strübin, son of the guild-master to the key.  Captain and aldermen Hans Strübin of Basel, ward landlord to the suns in Liestal, fought as rifle-masters. Afterwards citizens and council and year 1499 mayors of Liestal, a biderber confederate bravely and faithfully up to the death year 1517. 
Comment. This, from painter Otto Plattner wall-picture created at that time of a medieval warrior, that represented Heini Strübin with the Nancy-bowl in the hand, has vanished with the town hall-rebuilding in the year 1938.  A newer art at the Rosengasse at the gable of the house town hall-street No 35, as outstanding creation of the same Liestaler artist decorates that Basel-bidder from the year 1946, on which Heini Strüin is also represented with the Burgundy-bowl, home-book volume IV, Otto Plattner, the painter, from Max Tüller (architect). 

Latest interpretation of the Strübin data

N. Strublin – died 1435
Married N. Spengler, sister of Johann Spenglers, Kichherrn (members of the parish council) of Mynwilar (a village).

Their son Squire or Nobleman, Hans Strublin (I would also assume born c. 1396) of Wattweiler (a town a few km south of Liestal) worked as a Tuchmann (perhaps a cloth merchant?), des Rats (councilor) to Basel as well as castle captain at Waldenburg from 1416 to 1470, Died in 1472. He was a citizen of Basel in 1416.
         He married Greda Von Altdorf in 1416, she died in 1420. 
He married Anna Meyer Zum Pfeil (I believe it is part of her name sort of like von) in 1421.  She died 1450 (perhaps a divorce took place prior to 1448?)
He married Margaretha Mennlin in 1448. She died 1483. She was the widow of Klaus Schwytzer and married Konrad Held (after Hans Strublin’s death in 1472).

Heinrich, landlord or innkeeper of the Inn “Zur Sonne” (To The Sun), des Rats (councilor) Banherr (Margrave or administrator) and mayor of Liestal as well as Kirchherr (member or the parish council) of Ziefen (a town), and Field ordnance master of nearby Grandson, Murten (towns in Switzerland) and Nancy (now in France). (Could 1468 be his birth date?). He died in1518. He was a citizen of Liestal in 1477. Married Anna Gsell in 1488; she died in 1517.

A sister married Stephan Rein.

Hans  (I suspect 1462 was the year of his birth), died 1517;  Married Margaretha who was born in 1466.

Peter. Karrer, (a Karrer is a drayman). (Could 1490 be the marriage date?). He died in 1504. Married Anna N. the widow of Martin Gebhard.

Leonhard in Niedersept. (probably a place).


Children of Heinrich and Anna Gesell:

Ursula born 1488 died 1540. Married Peter Rippel a tailor, who was born 1490 and died 1574. 
After the death of Ursula, Peter remarried first, Margaretha Von Visum and then Barbara Reher.

Hans Heinrich died in 1515 gefallen bei Marignano. (Gefallen means he died in battle near the city of Marignano. Marignano is a bit south of Milan, Italy and the Swiss infantry took part in that battle, which occurred in 1515)

Leonhard  was a priest in Bubendorf. He was born in 1510 and died in 1582.
Crispinus, born 1510 and died 1574. Tuchscherer (pattern cutter perhaps like a fashion designer), des Rats (councilor) Korn und Salzmeister (probably minister of agriculture) zu Liestal.
Married Adelheid Buser 1535. (Their descendants became extinct at the onset of the 19th century).

Anna (probably married in 1527) and died in 1553. She married Jakob Goetz who was born in 1506 and died in 1560. Des Rats (councilor) and mayor of Basel. Jakob then married Ann Brand.

Verna married Hans Martin (probably in 1535). He was a mason or brick maker.

A sister married Hans Mülich (probably in 1535).

Children of Hans Strübin and Margaretha:

Heinrich “the noble man.” He 1st married Appollonia N., and 2nd Barbara Scherrer in 1548.

Michael, the high and mighty lord mayor of Liestal, born 1500 and died 1582. Married Margaretha Scherrer. (Their descendants are still flourishing).

Hans, castle chaplain at Farnsburg. Died 1539.

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