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school integration in 1970s
Josh was bussed to a mostly white school,
and I was bussed to a mostly black school,
in Berkely 1979.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Cameron and Sierra's grandfather
Ron Stallings

1.Ronald Jerome Stallings was born  2 DEC 1946 in Alameda, CA, and died 13 APR 2009 in Berkeley, CA. (He was born Ronald Jerome Boyd, adopted by Floyd Stallings, Aug 16, 1966). 2. Adoptive father Floyd Stallings and 3. Natural mother Selma Lee Boyd. He was common-law married Susan Marchionna. He had a son with Andrea Campbell, daughter of Malcolm Campbell, PhD and Inez Marie Heyman. He married Vicky Hobbs.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Cameron and Sierra's great-grandfather

2.Floyd Stallings Sr. He was the son of 4. Richard Stallings and 5. Annette Simons.
segregated schools in 1930s

Ron and his mother, Selma Boyd Stallings.

3.Selma Lee Boyd was born 1928 in Texas. She attended Texas Southern University. She got her BA from Texas Southern in August 1950. She was the daughter of 6. Elbert Boyd and 7. Jessie.
Child of Selma Lee Boyd  is:
1.  i.Ronald Jerome Stallings see above
Child of Selma Lee Boyd and Floyd Stallings is:
Floyd Stallings Jr., Ron's half brother, see below.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Cameron and Sierra's great-great-grandfather

Brief History of the African American Coal Mining Experience

4.Richard Stallings (wood chopper 1880 census, coal miner 1900, 1910 and 1920 census) was born MAY 1859 in Cherokee, Alabama. He was the son of 8. Stallings and 9. .
5.Annette Simons (cook on 1900 census, outlived her husband as she was listed as head of household on 1930 census, when she was a maid in a rooming house) was born 3 MAR 1882 in Georgia, and died 29 JAN 1967 in San Francisco, CA. She was the daughter of 10. Philip Simons and 11. Nellie Jones.
Children of Annette Simons and Richard Stallings are:
  i.Orlando Stallings was born 1914 in Kansas. He married Orlando's wife.
  ii.Noelius Stallings was born 1908 in Kansas.
Richard Dewey Stallings was born 5 MAY 1900 in Kansas.  He had a draft card for WWI.  He married Richard's wife. children: Tony and Richard III

African American Soldiers WWI
not a relative
  iv.Thelma Stallings was born 1917 in Kansas.
  v.Mertle M. Stallings was born 1906 in Kansas.
The 49ers in 1955

2.  vi.
Eric Stallings
Floyd Stallings Jr. football player (San Francisco, 1955-2003). He married Selma Lee Boyd, daughter of Elbert Boyd and Jessie. She was born 1928 in Texas. He also married Hazel, and they had Floyd Jr., who married Connie Pye, and they had Evyan (who died), Eric, Eryka and Eryn.

Eaton Hotel Dining Room; Wichita, Kansas 1900

  vii.William "Willie" "Bill" Edward Stallings was born 1903 in Kansas.  (He is listed as a coal miner in the 1920 census). He married Gladys Red, daughter of David Red and Marry Hill.  (Marry Hill is the daughter of Harrison and Eliza Hill.  Eliza is the daughter of Ann Williams born 1830 in Kentucky). Gladys was born 28 SEP 1908 in Nebraska, and died 24 JUN 1988 in San Francisco, CA.  12 children including: Mary Lorraine Stallings (jazz singer), who married and divorced Guy Evans, and their child is Adriana Evans (singer).
Mary Stallings, Jazz Singer

  viii.Estella Stallings, must have died young.
Cornelius (hotel porter on 1930 census)

Elbert Boyd

Cameron and Sierra's other great-great-grandfather

6.Elbert Boyd was born 1893 in Texas. The census says both of his parents were from Texas also, but their names are unknown.  They would possibly have been born during the civil war.  He is listed on the 1920 census as Mulatto, indicating that someone above him was Caucasian, perhaps a slave owner.  (Listed as laborer on railroad).  He had a draft card for WWI, 1917-18.

7.Jessie was born 1898 in Texas.
Children of Jessie and Elbert Boyd are:

  i.Mary LaRuth Boyd was born 1914 in Texas. She married Allen.

  ii.Armenia Boyd was born 26 JUN 1917 in Ellis, Texas.

  iii.Wilma Boyd. She married Johnson.
  iv.Big Don Boyd.

3.  v.Selma Lee Boyd was born 1928 in Texas. She married Floyd Stallings, son of Richard Stallings and Annette Simons.
  vi.Norma Jean Boyd was born 1925 in Texas. She married Flakes.
 I hope Audy Jean is Audrey Bell....

  vii.Audrey Bell Boyd. She married Carter, daughter Dreka, married Dale.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

8.Stallings was born in Georgia.

9.Unknown was born in Georgia.
Child of Stallings is:
4.  i.Richard Stallings Sr. was born MAY 1859 in Cherokee, Alabama. If he had not been born free, he would have been 6 years old at the end of the civil war. He married Annette Simons 1899, daughter of Philip Simons and Nellie Jones. She was born 3 MAR 1882 in Georgia, and died 29 JAN 1967 in San Francisco, CA.

Civil War: 1861-1865

Cameron and Sierra's Great4

10.Philip Simons (farm laborer 1900 census, railroad laborer 1910 census) was born MAR 1873 in Valdosta, Lowndes, Georgia.  He was likely born free, as he was born after the civil war.

Nellie Jones (servant on 1880 census, seamstress 1910 census) was born JAN 1863 in Georgia.  While she may not have been born free, she would have been made free after 1865. She was the daughter of 22. William Jones (well digger 1880 census) and 23. Hettie.
Children of Nellie Jones and Philip Simons are:
5.  i.Annette Simons was born 3 MAR 1882 in Georgia, and died 29 JAN 1967 in San Francisco, CA. (She is listed as a Laundress in the 1920 census). She married Richard Stallings 1899, son of Stallings and . He was born MAY 1859 in Cherokee, Alabama.
  ii.Thom Simmonds was born 1895 in Missouri.
  iii.Charlotte Simons.
  iv.Higgett Simons.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 5

Not a relative, but an example of the times.
Jeremiah Haralson was born near Columbus, Georgia on April 1, 1846.
 The slave of Georgia planter John Haralson,
he was taken to Alabama where he remained in bondage until 1865. 
Cameron and Sierra's Great5
22.William Jones was born 1835 in South Carolina.

23.Hettie was born 1846 in Georgia.
Not a relative, but an example of the times.
Esther Reed is the great-great grandmother of the submitter.  
She was born April 1835 in Pickens County, South Carolina.
Children of Hettie and William Jones are:
11.  i.Nellie Jones was born JAN 1863 in Georgia. She married Philip Simons. He was born MAR 1873 in Valdosta, Lowndes, Georgia.
  ii.C Jones was born 1863.
  iii.Maria Jones was born 1871.
  iv.Thomas Jones was born 1874.
  v.Freddie Jones was born 1877.
  vi.Eddie Jones was born 1879.

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