Friday, April 4, 2014

Rekas and Reilly

circa 1960...Greece..left to right.. Greg's cousin Maria (pronounced Mariah), Greg's aunt and Maria's mother Christine Reilly, Maria's sister Deirdre, Popou-- PopPop Harry's brother, and Katarina Rejas, Popou's daughter (first cousin of John and my Mom)

"Katrina was a teacher and was at one time a Freedom Fighter, during civil war... c) 1948 with great polarization between Communism and Greek Nationalism. Many Greek babies and young children were kidnapped and taken to Albania and Macedonia to educate them as proper Communists. The Freedom Fighters tried to rescue the children and re-educate them as Greeks. Christine told Maria that her great aunt disappeared in the 1960's due to her political activities."

from Maria Reilly

Freedom Fighter in Service with Greece

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