Friday, July 2, 2010

Greg's Paternal Grandparents: Rekas & Brody

Harry Rekas & Maria Brody on left

Harry's Draft Card

Tripolis 1910s

Harry J. Rekas
SSN 221-07-2772
born 4 JAN 1892 in Kolines near Tripolis, Arkadia, Peloponnesus, Greece
Arrived in the US in 1911 from Alexandria, Egypt
parents John & Katharine Rekas
died 11 OCT 1965 in Rosemont, PA
Occupation: Chef
Served President Wilson

Maria Brody
SSN 211-16-4133
born 29 SEP 1893 in Nyjr Beltak [Nyiregyhaza?], Hungary
Arrived in US on the "Patagonia" from Trieste, Italy
parents Janas (John) Brodie & Julia Hegadus
died 18 FEB 1976 in Shrewsbury, NJ

"In checking at Ellis Island, the records show Mária Bródi from Nyirbéltek,arrived on the Pannonia (not Patagonia) on June 14, 1914 from Fiume(Trieste in Italian).Father's name Bródi József.(Joseph Brodi). She declared herself to be 20 years old. She was going to her sister Danka Jánosné (Mrs John Danka) inTrenton, NJ. (702 Cass Street)." Joseph

702 Cass St., Trenton, NJ

History of early immigration of Hungarians to America

Nyiregyhaza 1900

1. John Harry Rekas b: 31 OCT 1917 in Trenton NJ
2. Christine Mary Rekas (later Reilly) b: 30 DEC 1926 in Philadelphia, PA
3. Katherine Rekas b: in 1919 died as a child in 1932

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