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Northampton Co
Anna Catharine 14 Jan 1753 Jacob and Anna Margaretha

Anna Margaretha 7 Feb 1752 Jacob and Margaretha

Elizabetha 7 June 1750 Jacob and Margareta

Bucks Co
John Starr-Lower Milford Twp-Proved April 6, 1795 Wife Susanna and John
Newcomer, Sr. of Upper Saucon Twp exrs. Sons Conrad and John. Daughter
Elizabeth and other children. Land adj Peter Zuck and Christian Fry

Montgomery Co
Aug 30 1812 John Zuck/Zuke, Lower Milford/Richland Twp. Son George over
14 petitions for guardian, Jacob Backman appointed.. May 14, 1814
Grandson John Stover under 14, son of Jacob. William Fritz appointed.
May 30 1815 Owned 124 acres. Six children Jacob, John, Peter, George,
Margaret and Hester (deceased wife of John Stover, child John) Aug 26
1816 his father was Peter

Northampton Co
21 Dec 1758 Estate of Peter Roup. Children, Michael, eldest son, the
petitioner, Jacob and Margaret wf of Jacob Zook, grandchildren, children
of deceased daughter, Sophia. Margaret Ebile, Jacob Ebile, John Melich

Bucks Co
1810 March 18 Jacob Stover to Esther Zuck

1822 Sept 24 George Zuck and Magdlena Sterner

War of 1812
Zuck, Jacob wf Rebecca B. PA Mil
Zuck, John PA Mil

Chester Co
Zook, Ulrich and Peter Zug, brothers came from Switzerland in 1719,
family tradition says from the neighborhood of Lake Zug, and that the
cause of leaving home was religious persecution. Ulrich settled in
Lancaster Co and Peter near Germantown. Peter brought with him the
family bible, of Luther's translation, which was printed in Zurich in
1589. He belonged to the religious sect termed Amish or Omish, and for
several generations his descendant remained of the same faith.

In 1770 Morritz Zug, son Peter, purchased and removed to the property in
West Whiteland township, now owned by Jacob W. Zook. The family record
of Morritz Zug, as founded in the old German Bible as John, born 1748,
Christian, 1750, Henry, Ascension day, 1752, Jacob 1757, Ein Dochter ist
geboren, 1759, Abraham, 1761, Francis 1763

Jaocb Zug, son of Morritz, on the death of his father became the owner
of the property. In his time the spelling of the name of anglicized to
Zook, He was the father of 13 children, Magdaline born 1780, Francis and
a twin who died an infant, Nancy, John born 1 April 1786, Charity, Leah,
Rachel, Elizabeth, Christian and a twin who died an infant, Jacob 1803,
Phebe 1808. The mother of these children, and 1st wife of Jacob Zook,
was Gertrude Kenege His second wife was Mary Willauer, by whom he had
one son, Maurice who died in infancy

John Zook, the eldest son of Jacob, inherited the farm. He married in
1815 to Elizabeth Mast, whose grandfather, Jacob Mast came from Germany,
an orphan aged 12, in 1750. John Zook died 1868, His wf. Elizabeth.
Their children; Isaac M., born 1817, Elhanan, 1819, Jacob M. 1821,
Rachael M. 1823, Mary, Ann, Elisabeth, John, and Elmira A.

Jacob M. Zook married Rebecca, d/o George G. Ashbridge, of Dowingtown.
Children, Mary T., Rachel V.A., Elizabeth, Jane, Jacob

Lancaster Co
Moritz Zug, great-grandfather came to US from Canton, accompanied by his
two brothers, Christian and Johannes, in the ship "Francis and
Elisabeth" in Sept 1742. Moritz Zug was the grandson of Hans Zug, an
elder in the Mennonite Church at Berne, Switzerland, where in 1659, he
and 6 other preachers of that faith were arrested and thrown into
prison, where they were detained until 1671. Mortiz Zug settled in Berks
Co, but moved to West Whiteland township, Chester Co.

Abram Zug, the 6th son of Mortiz, was born Jan 1761, in Berks Co, and in
1808 moved to E. Lampeter twp, Lancaster, where he died Sept 19, 1826.
His wife Maria (Kurtz) was born 1767 and died June 11, 1811. They were
the parents of 11 children, and their 4th son, Jacob, was the father of
J. Gust Zook.

Jacob Zook, was born near Eden, Lancaster Co, he died 1876. He married
Christina Hauck, native of Lancaster. To this married were born 9
children. J. Gust, memtioned below, Margaret H., married David Evans,
Noah H. and Abraham H. went to MS.,they was murdered and robbed, Mary
A. married W.W.Edwards, of Phila., Christiana H. married L. McMichael of

J. Gust was born in Eden, March 27, 1847 (Civil war vet) in 1877 married
Emma Bittner, d/o Augustus Bitner. Children, Charles Augustus Bitner

Best Wishes, Geri"

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