Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rekas cemetaries in Germantown, PA

Ivy Hill Cemetery, Germantown, PA

Greg's Paternal Grandparents: Harry Rekas & Mary (Maria) nee' Brody at Ivy Hill Cemetary in Germantown, PA, with their child, Katherine, who died as a child.

Ivy Hill Cemetery and Crematory, 1201 Easton Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19150

John Rekas' sister Katherine who died around age 11.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Germantown, PA

Late Mother in Law: Catherine Rekas, nee' Brennan at Holy Sepulchre Cemetary in Germantown, PA 

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 3301 W Cheltenham Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19150

Catherine Brennan Rekas, Greg's mother
Johnny Rekas, Greg's brother

name on the end of the row

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