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Aeppli Cousin

I got to meet my second cousin, once, removed, David Bollag and his wife Cynthia, 
while they were visiting the west coast of the US.

My great grandparents, Heinrich "Henry" Aeppli and his wife, Jeanette Pluss, with their children.
Willi Aeppli is sitting and Ernst and Fritz (where were twins) are standing, along with Harri.
(Is Harri his wife Maria Wild? or someone else)

Henrich Aeppli and Jeanette Pluss served in Basel Mission in Ghana. Henry died in 1895 of a tropical disease, in Hamburg after returning from Ghana.  Jeanette was descended from the Hugenots (Protestant Reformed Church of France).

Their three sons were Ernst, Fritz and Willi.


 What was the story about Hanni?

Fritz became an auto mechanic and he married Maria Wild and they had two daughters, Hanni? and Lisbeth. I also read that Fritz went on missions as a Protestant Minister.  Lisbeth now lives in New York city.


Ernst became a psychologist and wrote about dreams.  He was a contemporary of Carl Jung.  He married Getrud Zschokke and their children were David, Arlette and Guy. Ernst later remarried to Erna Eckhert, and they had twin daughters, Doris and Christin (deceased).

sons and daughters

sons first marriage: Heinz and Max
Max and Susi: children
Cousin David and his family

Graffiti related video series by Amos Bollag:

Ernst married Gertrud Zschokke and had two children with her: David's uncle Heinz (b. 1925) , and David's mother Susi (1928-2005). After Gertrud's death, Ernst remarried, and had twin daughters in 1945 (Doris and Christin).
twin daughters second marriage
children from Doris' first marriage
How did Christin die and at what age? year


Willi and Martha "Mono"

Willi became a child development author and worked with Rudolf Steiner developing the Waldorf school methods.  He and his wife, Martha "Mono" Hess, had four children, Annemarie "Aya," Eva (my grandmother), Vital and Christoph.

My great aunt Aya
My father Felix's cousins Matthias Haerri,  would be my first cousin once removed.   

Eva, my grandmother
my parents were together about 3 years but never married
I've been married to Greg since 6/12/10

My father Felix was married to Loretta for the rest of his life

My great uncle Christoph
My father Felix's cousin, Barbeli Aeppli Barbeli, , would be my first cousin once removed 

My great uncle Vital

Vital's daughter Cora,
My father Felix's cousin, Cora Aeppli May, would be my first cousin once removed.  She is Swiss but lives in Georgia.

Their children are my second cousins: Cora's children Ben Rodman, Tabitha Rodman, Eliot May, Corwin May; Rachel's children Melissa, Stephanie and Wendy Minnich.

Vital's daughters, Rachel
Cora and Rachel's mother remarried, and their half siblings are David and Joan

My father Felix's cousins, Rachel Sisemore, and David and Joan Schaublin would be my first cousin once removed. 

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