Friday, June 29, 2012

Aeppli and Zschokke

Ernst Aeppli married Gertrud Zschokke

Gertrud was daughter of Heinrich Zschokke and Clara Koelner

Heinrich was son of Achilles Zschokke

Achilles was son of Johann Heinrich Zschokke

Johann Heinrich Daniel Zschokke (22 March 1771 – 27 June 1848) was a German author and reformer. Most of his life was spent, and most of his reputation earned, in Switzerland. He had an extensive civil service career, and wrote histories, fiction and other works which were widely known.

Born in MagdeburgPrussia, he was educated at the monasterial (Kloster) school and at the Altst├Ądter Gymnasium there. He ran away from school at 17,[1] and spent some time as playwright with a company of strolling actors. Later, he studied philosophytheology and history at the University of Frankfurt (Oder), where in 1792 he established himself as a Privatdozent.

Heinrich Zschokke: quite a guy!!! He was a political refugee from Germany, a lousy student who played hookie as a kid. He became a Swiss politician, a pioneer and social reformer. Thanks to him the death penalty was abolished in the canton of Aargau 200 years ago!
"  David Bollag

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