coats of arms

coats of arms

Heinrich Aeppli descendants - many artists

do we know anything above this generation?
Great great grandparents: Heinrich Aeppli & Jeanette Pluss

we don't know their birthdates, only that Heinrich died in 1895 in Ghana*
correction by Lisbeth Aeppli: Heinrich died in Hamburg after returning from Ghana


their eldest daughter was named Johanna 
She died (in Switzerland) at age 23, soon after she finished the seminary to be a teacher.  She was even engaged.  

there was also another set of twins that died soon after they were born.
A missionary friend who helped forgot to cover the crib with the Mosquito net and the babies were so badly bitten they died.

there was also a boy that died at age four in Switzerland.
there were 9 children in all.
Willi and Martha Aeppli
their son Willi Aeppli (born 1894 in Ghana, died 1972), married Martha Hess (1899-1976)

Willi Aeppli worked with Rudolf Steiner, in the Waldorf School movement.

        see their children and their children including Eva Aeppli artist, late Felix Leu and Filip Leu, tattoo artists

one of Willi Aeppli's many books

mission photos label this as Fritz, but it might be Heinrich

their son Fritz Aeppli, twin brother of Ernst, my great-grand uncle
        Fritz Aeppli, born 4/27/1892 and Ernst born 4/28/1892
        (a mechanic who owned an Auto Repair Shop)
        what was his wife's name?
        their daughter Lisbeth born in 1924 (my first cousin once removed, grandmother's cousin)
        their son Paul
        their daughter Hanni

Ernst Aeppli studied with Carl Jung
one of several titles by Ernst Aeppli

their son Ernst Aeppli (1892-1954) - my great grand uncle, worked with Jung
        married Gertrud Zschokke

        their son Heinz Aeppli (born 1925) - my first cousin once removed (grandmother's cousin)
               married Mathilde Meier
               their son Sebastian Aeppli married Helen Baumgartner
              (Sebastian is my second cousin once removed)
                      their son Alex Aeppli (my third cousin)
               their son Fabian Aeppli married Karin Gerber
                      their daughter Laura
                      their son Andrea

        Ernst's second wife was Erna Ekhert
              their twin daughters, Doris Aeppli first married Laesser
              (Doris is my first cousin once removed)
                         their daughter Katharina (my second cousin, once removed)
                         their daughter Muriel (my second cousin, once removed)


              Doris has now married Michael Stillwater

             twin sister Christin, deceased
Max Bollag
        their daughter Suzanne "Susi" Aeppli (born 1928) married Max Bollag (a twin)
        (Susi was my first cousin, once removed)

               their son Dr. David Bollag married Cynthia Goldstein  Cynthia Bollag artist
                         (David is my second cousin, once removed)
                         their son Amos and daughter Ilana (my third cousins)
                         Amos Angeles artist
              their daughter Arlette Bollag married Toni Hutmacher
              their son Guy Bollag (my second cousin, once removed)
              their daughter Eveline Noemi Bollag (my second cousin, once removed)


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