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Great2: Campbell & Zuck

Pictured: front row brother Dan, Christopher Christain Campbell, his parents Clara Barcher and John Campbell. back row siblings: Clara, Belle, Sarah, Angus (twin), Nancy, Jennie. (Not pictured: twin Edward)

great great grandparents
Christopher Christain Campbell
born Baltimore MD 5/10/1831, died Leiters Ford, IN, 1/25/1904
parents John Campbell Sr and Clara Barcher
strict Scottish Presbyterian

Marriage 1 Angeline Sutley b: 15 APR 1838 in PA
•Married: 30 OCT 1856
•Presumed to have died in childbirth at age 20
1. Angeline O Campbell b: 1859

Marriage 2 Janet\Jennette Gilchrist (or Gloust?) b: 16 JUN 1835 in Jefferson County, Indiana
•Married: 19 JAN 1860 in Rochester, Fulton County, IN
Died 1865, about age 27 (at birth of third child)
1. John C. Campbell b: 22 JUN 1861 in Fulton County, IN died in 1865
2. James T. Campbell b: 22 APR 1863 in Aubbeenaubbee Township, Fulton County, IN
3. John B. Campbell b: 9 JUL 1865 in Fulton County, IN

Marriage 3
Rebecca Mary Zuck (third wife) - pictured with grandchildren
born Ohio 12/17/1840, died Leiters Ford, IN, 10/5/1923
parents Daniel Zuck and Sarah Stump
family heritage Anabaptist/Menonite


1. Charles Cisco CAMPBELL b: 8 MAY 1868 in Leiters Ford (Fulton) IN
2. Sarah "Dottie" CAMPBELL b: DEC 1870 in Aubbee. Twp. (Fulton) IN
3. Albert Alexis CAMPBELL b: ABT 1872 in Aubbeenaubbee (Fulton) IN
4. Clara CAMPBELL b: ABT 1874 in Aubbee. Twp. (Fulton) IN
5. Barcher Benton CAMPBELL b: JUN 1876 in Aubbee. Twp. (Fulton) IN
6. Lucretia A. CAMPBELL b: JAN 1881 in Aubbeenaubbee Twp. (Fulton) IN

(Sarah Campbell was born in December 1869 in Indiana the daughter of Christopher Campbell & Mary Rebecca Zuck. Sarah Campbell married William Yelton, son of Robert Yelton and Jane Monesmith, on 19 September 1894 in Fulton County, Indiana. 1 Sarah Campbell died in 1956.3 She was buried in Section 3, IOOF Cemetery, Leiters Ford, Fulton County, Indiana.)

Courthouse, Rochester, Indiana

Christopher CAMPBELL was apparently a rather prominent citizen in
Rochester, IN in the mid to late 1800s

Mr. and Mrs. [Christopher] CAMPBELL are members of the Presbyterian Church and he is a member of the IOOF (Independent Order fo Odd Fellows) and is a demitted member of the Masonic fraternity. Politically, Mr. CAMPBELL is a staunch republican. He cast his first presidential vote for John C. FREMONT. He has never aspired to political office, but has served as county commissioner for one term.

Although most records report Christopher's church affiliation as Presbyterian, one of the Misc. Record Books in the Fulton County Recorder's Office contains the minutes of the "M.E. Church" (Methodist Evangelical) in Aubbeenaubbee Twp. which states that Christopher CAMPBELL was elected to the Board of Trustees for that church 27 MAR 1875.
Compiler received christening data, etc. for some of Christopher's children from a requested search of the records of the First Presbyterian Church in Rochester, IN. There was no reference in those records to the GILCHRIST family or to the mother of James and John C. CAMPBELL

"FULTON COUNTY FOLKS" Vol. 2, p. 108, contains another sketch of the CAMPBELL family. (Christopher) was known as a "Black Republican" because of his sympathy for the colored people and help with the underground railway through Fulton County.

Contrary to family tradition, Rebecca ZUCK was the third wife of
Christopher CAMPBELL. For many years, family tradition had reported that she
was Rebecca GILCHRIST prior to her marriage. Documents indicate that she was
born in OHIO, as were her parents, Daniel ZUCK and Sarah (maiden name
unknown Stump).

At the time of her marriage, Rebecca became step-mother to Angeline, the daughter of Christopher and Angeline SUTLEY, and two of Christopher's sons by Jennet GILCHRIST, his second wife. [Both died.] A third son born to Jennet died just a few days before his mother in 1865. Rebecca and Christopher had at least six more children after their marriage.

In May, 1873, Daniel ZUCK, Rebecca's father, signed with Christopher on
an IOU to Albert CARR for $95.00. This loan was paid 30 MAY 1873. In March,
1874, Isaac ZUCK of Santa Clara County, CA gave Christopher Power of Attorney to take care of "all business affairs in Fulton County" for him. Isaac was probably a brother to Rebecca, however, it appears that Isaac's wife was also named "Rebecca ZUCK". On 21 April 1880, Isaac N. ZUCK and Rebecca A. ZUCK, "husband and wife...of the County of Dundy, State of Nebraska..." conveyed to Chrsitopher CAMPBELL 60 acres of land in Section 21, Towmship 31 North, Range
1 East, Fulton County. There was a condition on this conveyance that "...said premises...are free from incumberance except the interest of Jane STREET..." (possibly a sister to Rebecca and Isaac?)

Three days later Rebecca M. CAMPBELL conveyed 40 acres of Section 26,
same township and range, to Christopher, her husband. It appears from these
deeds that the properties were part of the estate of Daniel ZUCK and that he
must have died between 1873 and 1888. On April 24, the day of Rebecca's
conveyance of 40 acres to her husband, Christopher conveys back to his wife
the 60 acres he had purchased from Isaac and Rebecca three days before!
Christopher died in 1903 after an illness of two years. Between the time
of his death and the 1910 census, Rebecca evidently left Fulton County and
moved to Newton County, IN where she died in OCT 1923. Whether she was living with one of her married children or another relative is not known. She was buried beside her husband in the cemetery at Leiters Ford.
Ernie Grubb-Mar 2000

Rebecca and her Grandchildren

Children (1830 Census)
Chris Campbell 50
Rebecca Campbell 39
Angeline Campbell 22
James Campbell 17
John Campbell 15
Charles Campbell 12
Sarah Campbell 10
Albert Campbell 8
Clara Campbell 6
Burcher Campbell 4 [Barcher]
Daniel Campbell 21
Elijah Robertson 26

Mason Footnote:  My mother was enrolled in the Rainbow Girls, though she remembers nothing of it.

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is a Masonic youth service organization which teaches leadership training through community service. Girls (ages 11–20/21) learn about the value of charity and service through their work and involvement with their annual local and Grand (state or country) service projects.

Fashion 1830s

Fashion 1840s

(though Rebecca's family was Annabaptist/Amish)

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