Friday, June 25, 2010

Maternal GGM: Brumbaugh

Orpha Brumbaugh
father Noah Brumbaugh (German)
mother Maria Apt (unknown)
born 2/9/1870
place Kewanna, Ohio? or Indiana?
nationality German
married 6/25/1897
husband Albert Alexis Campbell (pictured above)
children Marjorie, Mary, Donald, Malcolm, Angus, Jean
died 1942, age 45
place Portland, Oregon

Malcolm and Orpha

Orpha had Parkinson's and took barbituates for it.
BIO: Per Ref. #1 (1910 Census), Orpha BRUMBAUGH may have been married
prior to her marriage to A.A. CAMPBELL in 1897. Albert CAMPBELL
reports that he has been married once ("M-1") and that for 11 years.
Orpha gives no number of marriage, and no number of years married.
Marjorie, the eldest child is listed as 12 years of age. Orpha's age
was not readable on the microfilm.
1. U.S. Census, 1910; IN; Fulton Co.; Aubbee. Twp.; E.D.#50;
Family # 110.
2. ~UFulton County Folks~u; Vol 2., p 108; "Christopher CAMPBELL
Family," Fulton Co. Pub. Library; Rochester, IN.
Ernie Grubb-Mar 2000

Fashion 1870s

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