Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Great 5: Van Haften and Umaat

Original drawing of the ruins of a castle near Breukelen (Utrecht)

Volkert van Haften was baptized on July 24th 1746 in Breukelen, province of Utrecht, son of Johannes van Haften and Clara van Abcou(w) and was buried on February 12th 1797 in Amsterdam.

 His intended marriage with Margaretha “Margrietje” Umaat was on October 19th 1770 in Amsterdam. Margrietje was baptized on December 28th 1742 in Amsterdam, daughter of Abraham Umaat and Jannetje Mor. She passed away on her 80th birthday, December 28th 1822, in the retirement home for old ladies at the Amstel in Amsterdam.

Johannes Jelgerhuis (1770-1836):
De Winkel van Boekhandelaar Pieter Meijer Warnars op de Vijgendam te Amsterdam

Jannetje van Haften  

I received a very generous letter with the following information from a Dutch person researching their own tree. Jeffrey Lieuwen

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