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My Dutch Ancestry

Great3: Campbell & Barcher

My Great Grandmother x3 was Clara Barcher Campbell (or Baartsheer or Bartscher)

I received a very generous letter with the following information from a Dutch person researching their own tree. Jeffrey Lieuwen  (He also has Speiser ancestors.

Generation I
Baptism of Clara Baartscheer

Clara Baartscheer (also spelled Baardscheer; in Dutch it means ‘Beardshave’, but the name is German and your ancestors initially wrote it as ‘Bartscher’) was born July 12th 1806 in Amsterdam. She was baptized on July 16th 1806. She was the daughter of Christophorus “Christoffel” Baartscheer and Jannetje van Haften.

Generation II
Baptism of Christophorus Baarscheer

Christophorus “Christoffel” Baartscheer was baptized on October 18th 1780 in Amsterdam, son of Johann Hermann “Jan Harmen” Baartscheer/Bartscher and Maria Geertruida van Dijk.

Baptism Jannetje van Haften

Marriage of Baartscheer and Van Haften

Jannetje van Haften was baptized on May 4th 1783 in Amsterdam, daughter of Volkert van Haften and Margaretha Umaat.

The intended marriage of Christoffel and Jannetje was on February 4th 1803 in Amsterdam.  I haven’t found the death record of Christoffel, but Jannetje van Haften had her last child on October 9th 1813 and at that time it is stated, that it was a child of the late Christoffel Baartscheer, so he had passed away at that time. After Christoffel’s death Jannetje was supported by the local government of Amsterdam financially and materialistically, as she is mentioned in the book of the “Huiszittenhuizen” (houses where people who were poor, but who were still able to manage a personal household – so she wasn’t in a poor house – could get some food and money to help them survive). I haven’t found her death record in Amsterdam, so maybe she immigrated to the USA with her daughter Clara to seek a better future.

Generation III

Marriage of Baartscheer and Van Dijk

Johann Hermann “Jan Harmen" Baartscheer/Bartscher came from Wiedenbrück, Germany and was born about 1738. He was buried in Amsterdam on June 29th 1810. He was a cooper (barrel maker). 
His intended marriage with Maria Geertruida van Dijk was on April 7th 1775. Maria Geertruida van Dijk was born in Venray, province of Limburg,  about 1745. I didn’t find her baptism there. She was buried on October 9th 1796 in Amsterdam.

Baptism of Volkert van Haften

Volkert van Haften was baptized on July 24th 1746 in Breukelen, province of Utrecht, son of Johannes van Haften and Clara van Abcou(w) and was buried on February 12th 1797 in Amsterdam. 

Baptism of Margaretha Umaat (Margrita)

Marriage of  Van Haften and Umaat

Death of Margaretha Umaat

His intended marriage with Margaretha “Margrietje” Umaat was on October 19th 1770 in Amsterdam. Margrietje was baptized on December 28th 1742 in Amsterdam, daughter of Abraham Umaat and Jannetje Mor. She passed away on her 80th birthday, December 28th 1822, in the retirement home for old ladies at the Amstel in Amsterdam. 

Generation IV

Baptism of Johannes van Haften

Marriage of Van Haften and Van Abcou(w)

Johannes van Haften was baptized on July 28th 1715 in Jutphaas, province of Utrecht, son of Volkert van Haften and Niesje Adriaans Gijssen, and he was possibly buried on February 22nd 1784 in Amsterdam. His intended marriage with Clara van Abcou(w) was on May 14th 1745 in Amsterdam and they married on May 30th 1745 in Breukelen. Clara van Abcou(w) was born in Oegstgeest, province of South Holland. I haven’t found her baptism or burial.

Baptism of Abraham Umaat

Abraham Umaat was born and baptized on October 19th 1710 in Amsterdam, son of Joost Umaat and Margrietje Kok(s) (several spellings, from Kock to Cockx) and he was buried on  November 24th 1748 in Amsterdam. 

His intended marriage with Jannetje Mor was on July 20th 1742 in Amsterdam. Jannetje was mentioned to be born in Meppel, province of Drenthe, but she was married before to Frederik Rijke and there she is mentioned to be born about 1710 in “’t Veen” (I’m not familiar with that place, but it should also be in the province of Drenthe, just like Meppel; it could be Veenhuizen!). 
Marriage of Mor and Rijke

Her father was mentioned as being Jacob Mor and he was living in Steenwijk, province of Overijssel. I haven’t found anything more on her background. At the wedding of her daughter Margrietje in 1770 she had already passed away.  Jannetje Mor was buried on March 3rd 1763 in Amsterdam.

Generation V

I haven’t found any baptism or marriage information on Volkert van Haften and Niesje Adriaans Gijssen, but Niesje was buried on May 20th1727 in Maarssen, province of Utrecht,  and Volkert was buried shortly thereafter on June 4th 1727 in Maarssen.

Joost Umaat was born about 1694 in Middelburg, province of Zeeland and he was buried on January 15th 1736 in Amsterdam. He was a sponge maker. At his intended marriage on May 4th 1718 in Amsterdam it is mentioned that Fransijntje Rijkers is his mother (this indicates his father had already passed away at that time). 

Margrietje Kok(s) was born about 1697 in Amsterdam. It is stated that her mother is Catharina Kouters (also spelled Couters or Cauters) and that her father, Abraham Kok(s) was at sea at that time, so he was a sailor. I haven’t found any other information on their background.

Marriage of Umaat and Kok(s)

Joost Umaat and Margrietje Kok(s) weren't married in 1718, but 1708 (typo)! So Joost was born around 1684, not 1694. Margrietje was baptized on February 8th 1688 in Amsterdam.

Baptism of Margrietje Kok(s)

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