Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Great7: Umaat and Kok(s)

Middleburg, Old city hall, now a university

Joost Umaat was born about 1694 in Middelburg, province of Zeeland and he was buried on January 15th 1736 in Amsterdam. He was a sponge maker. At his intended marriage on May 4th 1718 in Amsterdam it is mentioned that Fransijntje Rijkers is his mother (this indicates his father had already passed away at that time). 

Margrietje Kok(s) was born about 1697 in Amsterdam. It is stated that her mother is Catharina Kouters (also spelled Couters or Cauters) and that her father, Abraham Kok(s) was at sea at that time, so he was a sailor. I haven’t found any other information on their background.

Joost Umaat and Margrietje Kok(s) weren't married in 1718, but 1708 (typo)! So Joost was born around 1684, not 1694. I found the baptism of Margrietje; she was baptized on February 8th 1688 in Amsterdam.

Abraham Umaat 

Dutch East India Company Warehouses in Amsterdam, c.1600 or 1700

I received a very generous letter with the following information from a Dutch person researching their own tree. Jeffrey Lieuwen

Dutch Fashion

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