Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Great4: Baartscheer and Van Haten

English: Jan Spaan. The Spui in Amsterdam seen from the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal towards the Oude Lutherse Kerk. 1760-1780. Pencil and ink on paper (?). Dimensions unknown. Amsterdam, Stadsarchief Amsterdam ( 010097001241).

Christophorus “Christoffel” Baartscheer was baptized on October 18th 1780 in Amsterdam (son of Johann Hermann “Jan Harmen” Baartscheer/Bartscher and Maria Geertruida van Dijk.)

Jannetje van Haften was baptized on May 4th 1783 in Amsterdam, daughter of Volkert van Haften and Margaretha Umaat.

The marriage of Christoffel and Jannetje was on February 4th 1803 in Amsterdam.  I haven’t found the death record of Christoffel, but Jannetje van Haften had her last child on October 9th 1813 and at that time it is stated, that it was a child of the late Christoffel Baartscheer, so he had passed away at that time. After Christoffel’s death Jannetje was supported by the local government of Amsterdam financially and materialistically, as she is mentioned in the book of the “Huiszittenhuizen” (houses where people who were poor, but who were still able to manage a personal household – so she wasn’t in a poor house – could get some food and money to help them survive). I haven’t found her death record in Amsterdam, so maybe she immigrated to the USA with her daughter Clara to seek a better future.

Daughter: Clara Baartscheer

I received a very generous letter with the following information from a Dutch person researching their own tree. Jeffrey Lieuwen

Coat of Arms of North Holland

"The province of North Holland is a part of the Dutch mainland with the islands of Texel and Noorderhaaks, of the Frisian archipelago. Landscape of North Holland is flat, green, with patches of blue water often torn by the wind from the North Sea. Amsterdam is the biggest town of the North Holland province, but its capital is Haarlem. Several old towns as Hoorn, Edam, Alkmaar, Naarden and traditional villages as Monnickendam, Marken, Volendam, and Zaanse Schaans are worthy a visit."

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