Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great3: Zuck & Stump

Daniel Zuck
born 5/12/1809 Springfield Township, Ross County, Ohio
parents John Zug or Zuck and Anna Van Gundy
occupation: miller
died 2/29/1888 Leiter's Ford, Ohio
Sarah Stump
born 1811 Ohio
parents John Jacob Stump Jr. and Elizabeth unknown
died 3/20/1888 Leiter's Ford, Ohio

Daniel ZUCK was born 18 May 1809 and raised on his parent's farm in Springfield Twp, Ross Co, OH, and died 29 Feb 1888.  He and his family moved to Marion Co., then Union Co. and later Fulton Co. Indiana. He was buried in Leiters Ford Cemetery. He married Sarah STUMP 7 Jun 1832, daughter of Jacob STUMP and Mrs Elizabeth STUMP. She was born 28 Nov 1810, and died 20 Mar 1888. She was buried in Leiters Ford Cemetery.

1. Rebecca Mary Zuck b: 17 DEC 1840
2. Lewis W Zook b: 1855 in OH - married Sarah A. Harding, b. 1854
3. Jacob s. Zuck b: 1832 in OH
4. Catherine A Zuck b: 1835
5. Eliza Jane Zuck b: 11 AUG 1837 in OH - first marriage Ephraim Street, second marriage Jacob A Stewart
6. William Henry Zuck b: 20 JAN 1844 in OH - married Miranda Poling
7. Samuel Zuck b: 1846 in OH (Note: Single 1870 census in IN with sister Eliza and hubby.Killed by an exploding cannon,Independence Day in Kewanna)
8. Issac N Zook b: 1848 in OH - married Rebecca A. Wilson
9. Renibec V. Zuck b: 1840 in OH
10. Sarah M. Zuck - died young

Fashion around 1810

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