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Great6: Zoug/Zug & Knobel

Christian Zoug or Zug Sr.
born 12/?/1710 or Feb 21 1718, Darmstadt Hesse, Germany
parents Johnannes Zug and Widow Zuck
died 12/17/1787 Chester PA, age 67

first wife, married in Germany
Anna Knobel
born 1720 East Whiteland, PA
parents unknown
died 1786 Woodbury, PA, age 66

second wife
Dorothea Mishler
third wife
Anna, widow of John Reichenbach

Anna immigrated to America aboard the "Francis & Elizabeth", landing in Philadelphia on September 21, 1742.

"Christian was accompanied to this country by his wife Anna, and infant daughters Anna and Barbara, the latter born a month before landing at Philadelphia."
Zug Immigration:
"Christian Zug came to America with his two brothers on Sept 21, 1742 on the ship Francis and Elizabeth, George North, Master from Rotterdam. They? were sold for their passage money. Christian was first married to Anna Kanabell who was the mother of his children. After her death he married widow Dodera Mishler, who was the mother of Veronica Mishler, wife of Christian Miller. After her death he married widow Anna Reichenbach. Christian settled in Berks County, Pa.

Christian's grandfather Hans Zug was was a mennonite minister who was imprisoned in Bern, Switzerland with six others for their faith. Spelt and Rye being their main food while forced into hard labor to pay the expenses they caused as recorded in the Martyrs Mirror. By the intercession of the United Netherland's government, they were released and banished from the country. Hans went to southern Germany where he raised his family of twelve children.

Christian's son Jacob married to Anna Long, moved to Somerset County in 1776 in the Berlin area on the farm now owned by the Calvin Will family, and occupied by James Will. In 1812 Jacob moved to Holmes County, Ohio."

"The Christian Zug house built before 1760 was about 10 miles from Valley Forge. Family tradition tells that during the Revolutionary War American soldiers tore away fences, etc....once when old mother Zug was talking fresh loaves from the oven, some soldiers snatched away all but 1 loaf, which she had hidden under her apron. She ran into the house saying, "this one is for me." The soldiers didn't argue, they let her have it.

SOURCE: "Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies," Hugh F. Gingerich & Rachael W. Kreider, 1986, p.547

The Zook House paper fr Somerset HC files. Lived at Exton, PA. House is now a museum.

Lived in Berks Co. near Reading per John M. Slabaugh, 2658 Edison St NW, Uniontown, OH 44685 mag.

SOURCE: Lois Ann Zook book at Lancaster Mennonite HC. Landed in Philadelphia on September 21, 1742 on ship "Frances and Elizabeth" (per Strassberger p. I-327) along w/Moritz & Johannes. Went directly with his brothers to Northkill Amish community. Filed a claim for damage done by the British (lived near the Battle of Brandywine.)

Lancaster Mennonite Heritage, Oct 93, p. 18: lived in E. Whiteland Twp, Chester Co., in 1767 was living in Cumru Twp, Berks, Co., in 1769 was living in Cocalico Twp. In Nov 1772 he and Michael Beeghley, his bro in law?, bought land in Brovalley"

Christian married three times (to three different women named Anna):

He married Anna Kannabel KNOBLE Abt 1739. She was born Abt 1710 in Europe, and died Aft 1752 in Pennsylvania. He married Anna Dodereas MISHLER Abt 1714. She was born Abt 1714 in Europe, and died (she also shows two marriages, with children only in the second marriage to Miller). He married Mrs Anna REICHENBACH (who was also married twice, with children only in her marriage to Reichenbach). She was born Abt 1730 in Basel Canton, Switzerland, was christened 28 Nov 1739 in Basel Canton, Switzerland, and died Deceased in At sea. She was buried 1740 in At sea.

Anna ZUG (Christian ZUG3, Johannes "Hans" John ZUG2, Hans ZAUG1) was born Abt 1740 in E Whiteland Twp, Chester, PA, and died Bef 1786 in Chester Co, PA. She married Peter MILLER 1759 in Berks Co, PA, son of Christian Daniel MILLER and Anna Dodereas MISHLER. He was born 1733 in Berne Canton, Switzerland, and died Aft 1760 in PA.

Child of Anna ZUG and Peter MILLER is:
Christian Keim MILLER was born 1760 in Berks Co, PA, and died 1831 in Somerset Co, PA.

Christian ZUG (Johannes "Hans" John ZUG2, Hans ZAUG1) was born 1710 in Darmstadt, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany, and died 17 Dec 1787 in East Whiteland Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania (20 miles west of Philadelphia). He was buried in Lapp Cemetery, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The History of East Whiteland Township

"The first European settlers, who were Welsh, arrived in Whiteland Township about 1621. Founded in 1704, Whiteland Township was made up of what is today known as East and West Whiteland townships. The name Whiteland originates from Whiteland Gardens, Flintshire, Wales. Whiteland Township was divided into two townships in 1732. East Whiteland covers more than seven thousand acres.

Native Americans called the area “The Dark Valley” because of the tree and undergrowth that once blanketed the land. During the American Revolution, Gen. George Washington and many of his troops camped at Malin Hall, Malin Road, in preparation for a Sept. 16, 1777 encounter with British Gen. William Howe. The Continental Army also camped near White Horse Inn on Swedesford Road. Because of inclement weather, however, “The Battle of the Clouds” was never fought. "

1. Yost Jacob Zug b: 1747 in Berks Co., PA
2. Anna 1740 Zug b: 1740 in Germany
3. Barbara 1742 Zug b: 9 SEP 1742 in Atlantic Ocean
4. Elizabeth Zug b: 1744 in Berks Co., PA
5. John 1745 Zug b: 1745 in Berks Co., PA
6. Jacob Zug Zug b: 1748 in Berks Co., PA
7. Mary Zug b: 1750 in Berks Co., PA
8. Christian 1752 Zug b: 25 APR 1752 in Berks Co., PA


"By 1785 Christian had married his third wife Anna, "widow and relict of John Reichnbach, late of the Township of Caernarvon in the County of Berks"...
Christian's will and estate papers have provided information on his wives, children, and step children. These Chester County documents have served to clarify the discrepancies among the early published genealogies of this family where wives Dorothea and Anna and the families of sons Yost and Jacob have been confused."

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