Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maternal Grandfather: Campbell

My mother's parents met while attending Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Malcolm Alan Campbell, PhD
born 7/6/1905
place Peru, Indiana
father Albert Alexis Campbell - Scottish/Swiss
mother Orpha Brumbaugh 

married 9/15/1929
wife Inez Marie Heyman
child Andrea Eleanor Campbell
died 7/17/1985, age 80, cremated
place Corvallis, OR
occupation Psychologist, Farmer
education BA 1929
place Reed College
PhD Psychology 1933
place Stanford
professor Stanford, Society of Sima XI

Malcolm A.Campbell contributed to the publication:

Vocational Aptitudes of Second-GenerationJapanese in the United ..., Issues 1-3

Grandpa teaching at Stanford (far right, back row).

Per the article written about the Christopher CAMPBELL Family, Malcolm
graduated from the University of OREGON in 1927 and did graduate work
in psychology at Stanford University in CA. He received his Ph.D in Psych.
there. He married and relocated to NY where he tuaght at NEW YORK University.
During the war in 1952, he returned to Portland with his wife and his
daughter to work in the ship yards. In 1945 he and his family moved to
Albany, OR, where he and his father and brother-in-law ran a farm and raised
hybrid corn. He spent 20 years on the farm before becoming a counselor in the
employment field for the state of OREGON. He served in this work for several
years and retired in 1970. He "now" resides in Cowallis, OR, with his wife
and daughter, who has two small children. (Date of the writing of this
article is not known, except that it was after 1963.)

by Mary CAMPBELL GYNTHER, sister to Malcolm CAMPBELL; Fulton County
Pub. Lib., Rochester, IN. (Photocopy of article owned by compiler.)
2. U.S. Census 1910 IN; Fulton Co.; Aubbeenaubbee Twp.; ED #50; #110.
MF T624-350.

Corvallis Gazette-Times July 19 1985

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