Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Ethnicity

I am much more Swiss than I even thought:

Both of my father's parents were Swiss, so that makes me half Swiss.
GP: Hans Felix Leu, Basel, Switzerland
GM: Eva Maria Aeppli, Basel, Switzerland

The other side is more complicated:

My mother's mother was mostly German with some Swiss.
GM: Inez Marie Heyman, German and 1/4 Swiss
GGP: Arnold Cyrus Heyman, German/Swiss
GGGP: William Frederick Heyman, German
GGGM: Verena Francis Ballmer, Swiss
GGM: Henriette Wilhelmina Ludwig, German

My mother's father was Scottish, Swiss and German.
GP: Malcolm Alan Campbell
GGP: Albert Alexis Campbell, Scottish/Swiss
GGGP: Christopher Christain Campbell, Scottish/Dutch
GGGGP: John Campbell, Scottish
GGGGM: Clara Campbell, Amsterdam, Holland, Dutch
GGGM: Rebecca Mary Zuck, Swiss

Ultimately my mother is:
Over half German (62.5%), and a 1/4 Swiss, 6.25% Dutch and only 6.25% Scottish.

So that makes me:
Wait, there must be a way to do this on a spreadsheet.
I will spare you the sreadsheet.
I am 62.5% Swiss, 31.25% German, 3.13% Scottish and 3.13% Dutch.

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