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Maternal GGP: Heyman

Arnold Cyrus Heyman
born 8/25/1877
place Hunt's Corner, Ohio
father William Frederick Heyman - German
mother Verena Francis Ballmer - Swiss
married 9/27/1904
wife Henriette Wilhelmina Ludwig
children Inez, Lud
died Sept. 1975, age 98
place Corvallis, Oregon
occupation minister, county agricultural agent** (Linn County, Oregon)
religion changed from German Reformed Church to the Congregational church*
eduation Heidelberg Univ. (Ohio) 1904, Chicago Theological Seminary 1908
thesis Some aspects of the drink habit: or a study of the record of 850 inebriates (1908) alcoholism

Buried Willamette Memorial Park
Street: 2640 Old Salem Road Northeast
Albany, or 97321-7329
Phone: (541) 926-3831

He subscribed to an agricultural journal from Communist China.
If he got a gift for Christmas that he didn't like, he would give it back.

"After he graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary (and before that Heidelberg College in Ohio) he became superintendent of the Rio Grande Industrial School in New Mexico, a mission school for Mexican boys and girls [under the auspices of the Congregational Educational Society of Boston, MA] and was there 10 years. [Because he was successful in the development of this desert ranch as a part of the school] Then he became an agricultural agent for Luna County, New Mexico for 3 years [as a war emergency job to stimulate food production for the allied countries]. Then he became County Agricultural Agent in Linn County, Oregon. Next he sold life insurance for 3 years. Then he became superintendent of the Children's Farm Home near Corvallis for 39 months. He bought the farm where I grew up in 1930. There's plenty more on his activities. He was one Type A guy."
Andrea Campbell

"He has been active in all attempts to form a Linn County People's Utility District. For this activity, he and many others, have been "dubbed" communists." Capital Press, Salem, OR 1948

*The history of Congregational churches in the United States is closely intertwined with that of American Presbyterianism, especially in New England where Congregationalist influence spilled over into Presbyterian churches farther west. Some of the first colleges and universities in America, including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Williams, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Amherst, all were founded by the Congregationalists, as were later Carleton, Grinnell, Oberlin, and Pomona.

Without higher courts to ensure doctrinal uniformity among the congregations, Congregationalists have been more diverse than other Reformed churches. Despite the efforts of Calvinists to maintain the dominance of their system, some Congregational churches, especially in the older settlements of New England, gradually developed leanings toward Arminianism, Unitarianism, Deism, and transcendentalism.

**In the US, an extension agent is a university employee who develops and delivers educational programs to assist people in economic and community development, leadership, family issues, agriculture and environment. Another program area extension agents provide is 4-H and Youth. Many extension agents work for cooperative extension service programs at land-grant universities. They are sometimes referred to as county agents or educators.

HEYMANS circa 1976 - Back row: Lud Heyman (Grandma's brother), (late) David Heyman (his son), David's wife (second) Martha Sue Greathouse-Heyman, Grandma Inez Heyman Campbell, (mom) Andrea Campbell, Grandpa Malcolm Campbell, Pam (John's wife), John Heyman (Lud's son). GGP Arnold Cyrus Heyman in chair. Back row kneeling: (brother) Josh Stallings, Ruella Heyman (Lud's wife). Kids from left: Daughter's of David, June Heyman Gates (now) and Jean Heyman Mosley (now), me (Jane Leu Arnell, soon to be Rekas), Michelle Heyman (John's step-daughter) , Erik Heimann (Unc. John's Son), next to Erik is Peter (Heyman) Bailey (David's son, different mother than Jean and June) and behind him is his sister Susan (Heyman) Bailey

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