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Great8: Zug & Dierstein or Thierstein

Hans John Zug
born 5/22/1664 Lutzelfluch, Berne, Switzerland
parents Peter Hans Zugg & Barbara Moser
died 1696 Lutzelfluch, Berne, Switzerland
Barbli Dierstein or Thierstein
born 1665 Lutzelfluch, Berne, Switzerland
parents unknown
died date unknown Lutzelfluch, Berne, Switzerland

Not sure if this the same Hans or his forefather:
HANS1 ZAUG was born Abt. 1630 in Switzerland. He married BARBLI THIERSTEIN.
SOURCE: "Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies" Hugh F. Gingerich & Rachael W. Kreider, 1986, p. 547

SOURCE: Louis Ann Zook (Mast) book at Lancaster Mennonite HC. Lived on a farm called "Grat", located outside of Signau, Switzerland. On Jan 31, 1659, "Hans Zaug of the jurisdiction of Signau, was taken prisoner and brought to Bern. Because of his Anabaptists beliefs, Preacher Hans remained in prison for approx 10 yrs before being exiled from his home country (Switzerland).


1. John Dierstein Hans Johnannes Zug b: 1684 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany or Bern, Switzerland
2. Uhlrich Dierstein Zug b: 1690 in Canton Zug, Switzerland
3. Peter Dierstein Zug b: 1692 in Lutzelfluch, Berne, Switzerland
4. Hans 1694 Zug b: 1694 in Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
5. Ulrich 1697 Zug b: 1697 in Heidelberg, Baden, Deutschland
6. Urlich Zug b: 1690
7. Peter Zug b: 1692 in Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
8. John 1708 Zug b: 1708 in Darmstadt, Germany
9. Anna Zaugg b: 1 JAN 1645 in Signau, Switzerland
10. Barbli Zaugg b: 29 JUL 1654 in Signau, Switzerland
11. Verna Zaugg b: 8 JAN 1659 in Signau, Switzerland
12. Christian 1665 duplicate Zug b: 1665
13. Mathias Zug b: 1650

Switzerland Timeline

1653 Peasant's War
Revolt of the rural population between Lucerne and Bern against the undemocratic rule of the cities. The rebels are defeated and severely punished.

Switzerland had the strongest and most feared army (mainly constituting of peasants!) as well as some of the bloodiest wars in Europe before becoming neutral for economic and political stability. Their pikemen were legendary.

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