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Zug name

Info from: Our Ancestors-Mayhill - Journal Publishing Co., IN 1929, written by Dora Mayhill, p. 75-76

According to this book the name Zug was an early one in Switzerland. According to a letter written by a Virginia Shannon Fredrick, a descendant of the Zug line, in early times the name was spelled Zougg, today it is spelled Zaugg in Switzerland.

The Zugs were driven out of Berne, Switzerland because of religious persecution by the Catholics. The Zugs were known as Anabaptists. An Anabaptists were followers of menno Simons and had rejected infant baptism, adopting what they called "believers baptism", or baptism for the believer. In Switzerland today these people are called "Baptizers". The Anabaptists were vehemently persecuted and a large number of themn left the Canton of Berno. Family tradition of the Zug family in American gives that Hans Zougg an Anabaptist preacher of Berne was imprisoned there in 1659 for his religious belief and teachings and was sentenced to be executed but banished to Holland by boat.
Hans Zougg was incarcerated in 1659 in the department of Berne, with six teachers and elders of the same faith, by authority of the Zwiglian Church. The latter determined to lay hands on them, and especially on the teachers and Elders, in order to strike terror to the members. They were kept at hard labor, and supplied with bad food to save cost. They were reviled, scourned and calumniated. Expecting to be kept in this manner for life, they submitted to patience. But these measures not shaking their faith, they were offered the following alternatives: To go to church, to be made galley slaves, or to die by the hands of the executioner. They were finally liberated, however, on condition of leaving the country and not returning without special permission.

Source for children: John F. Murray research. Hans Zug had a son Christian Zug an Anabaptist Minister, who appears in the records of 1680 and early 1700. He gave a Bible to his son Hans Zug who in turn entered the names of his children in this Bible as Anna, Johannes, Magdalena, Christian and (Moritz was born after Hans died and therfore this name does not appear in the Bible.) Sons Johannes, Christian and Moritz appear on the 1742 ship list with their stepfather Jacob Good/Guth

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