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Maternal Grandmother: Heyman

Inez and her brother, Lud, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

My grandmother comes from a German family that has a genealogical society with a newsletter, etc. Heymann Historical Society Newsletter

Notes: Moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 15 months and lived there 10 years. In 1918, moved to Deming, NM, and in 1921 to Albany, OR. She attended Albany College during 1925/6. Transferred to Reed, but was compelled to quit in Feb 1929 due to poor health. After getting married, went to Univ. of Oregon. Graduated in 1930 with B.A. Moved to Palo Alto, CA, while Malcolm went to Stanford. Worked as a secretary in Psychology Dept. and later as an assistant at Big Brother and Big Sister Federation n NY. Moved to Albany, OR, in 1940. Partners in Heyman-Campbell Farms and also took part in the war effort. In 1956, became Children's Librarian in Albany and in 1958 in Corvallis. Farms were sold in 1966.

History of Crystal Lake, Illinois
an hour from Chicago

Inez Marie Heyman
born 2/7/1907 065-09-0998
place Crystal Lake, Illinois
father Arnold Cyrus Heyman - German/Swiss
mother Henriette Wilhelmina Ludwig - German
married 9/15/1929
husband Malcolm Alan Campbell
child Andrea Eleanor Campbell
religion Unitarian Universalist
died 4/7/1989, cremated, age 82
place Corvallis, Oregon
occupation children's librarian

Arnold and Inez

Fashion in 1907 when my grandmother was born

Fashion in 1929 when my grandparents married

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