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Rebecca Zuck Campbell and her grandchildren

Great-Great Grandmother Rebecca Mary Zuck, 1910
back row: standing girl in white is probably Ruth or Grace Leiter (twins, 13), baby is possibly Angus Campbell, toddler boy unknown, girl in white probably Florence Leiter (11), girl in black is Marjorie Campbell (12, later McDonald), boy standing is Donald Campbell (8) and girl in white standing at right is the other twin probably.
front row: sitting boy is probably Albert Leiter (9), sitting girl in black is Mary Campbell (11, later Gynther), boy on Rebecca's knee in bow tie is Malcolm Campbell (4), toddler on her other knee unknown, standing boy uknown, sitting boy unknown.

(Second cousin once removed) Terry Campbell Traver (below) provided this image from 1910 of Rebecca and her descendants. We are unsure of the names of the children, other than the older girl in black, standing, is probably Marjorie Campbell (McDonald) at about 12 years old. There are 13 children in total.

(Marjorie 1898, Mary 1899, Donald 1901, Malcolm 1905, Angus 1910, Jean 1913)
Angus might just have been born. (Jean wasn't born yet for 3 years).

Update from Malcolm Gynther in February, 2006:

"The other is more interesting as it includes as the central figure Grandpa Campbell's mother, Rebecca, a stern matriarchal figure, as my mother put it. The year is 1910 and the "cast of thousands" includes all of her grandchildren. The ones I can identify are [Albert's children:] my mother [Mary, in the dark dress], seated 2nd from left, (Jane's maternal grandfather) Malcolm (4), on Gma's right knee, Marjorie (12), standing by the tree, and Donald (8), just to her left."

So the other kids might also include Clara Campbell and Ulysses Leiter's other children and ages they would have been at the time: Hazel Leiter (14), Ruth Leiter (13 twin), Grace Leiter (13 twin, who died 3 years later, see below) , Florence Leiter (11), Albert C. Leiter (9). (Hazel 1896, twin Ruth 1897, twin Grace 1897-1914, Florence 1899, Albert 1901)

That only totals 10.

Rebecca was step-mother to James T. Campbell. His first wife was Barbara Leiter, who died. They had 6 children: Fred 1887, Jeanette 1889, Frank 1891, Hugh 1894, Addie 1887 and a girl name unknown 1884. James second wife was Amanda Keister. They had three children, Alma 1902, Thelma 1905 and a girl 1903 name unknown. In 1910, these were their ages: Fred 23, Jeanettte 21, Frank 19, Hugh 16, Addie 23, unknown 26, Alma 8, Thelma 5, unknown 7. This seems to explain none of the little boys in the picture.

Ruth Leiter later married Lynn Beeman and they had Anson Beeman. (But it also says Hazel married a Lynn Beamon).

Albert Leiter later married Marion Persons.

Obituary Monday, February 9, 1914

"Miss Grace Leiter, 16 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses LEITER, died Sunday evening at the home on west Fourth street. Miss Leiter's death was caused by tuberculosis. For the past three months the young woman has been very ill and unable to attend school. Previous to that time she was in very good health and her parents did not realize that death was so near. Besides the parents three children survive. Mr. Leiter is a traveling salesman for a silo company. The funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at the home. Rev. G. C. CHANDLER of the Baptist church will have charge. Burial will take place at the Leiters Ford cemetery. Those wishing to call may come Tuesday morning between eight and ten o'clock. "

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