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Origin of Name: Crecelius is the Latin Form for "Pankraz" or "Pankratius" a martyr (St. Pankratius) who died during the time of the Roman Emperor Dioclatiam (284-305).

The earliest record we have is for Grekeln Diele, the Great Great Grandfather of Dietrich "Theodor" Krekle (1540-1628). He was the last Catholic instructor at the Institute of St. Severus at Gemunden, Duchy of Nassau, Germany. When the institute became Evangelical Lutheran during the Reformaztion so did the instructor. Dietrich is probably the one who Latinized krekle adding ius. During the next two generations the K's were changed to C's giving the name now used by most of the descendents although it is said there are still some using Krekelius on Europe. In the United States the Descendents of Otto Rudolph Crecelius used Crecelius, Criscillis, Critselous, and Creselious. There were at least a Dozen Male Crecelius immigrants to the United States. Otto who came to Philadelphia thru Baltimore was first in 1764. Four Brothers came to St. Louis from Germany during the period 1820-1850. One came to Sandusky, Ohio, and two brothers came to the Philadelphia-New Jersey Area. There are probably more. This research was done by Sydney Mike Gardner, Lloyd Espenscheid, Manfred Lotz, Robert L Crecelius, Steven Coulter, Thomas McCullum and many other interested individuals. We are interested in any corrections and additions that are available.

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Crecelius is the Latinized form of the surname Krekel.

Our earliest known ancestor in this line, Dietrich Krekel, was a cantor and an instructor at St. Severus in Gemünden near Westerwald.

I have seen the documentation for our line from Johann Crecelius, father of our immigrant ancestor Otto Rudolph Crecelius, on down, but my information concerning Johann's ancestors is third or forth hand, and as I understand it, it is based upon the church records and upon research of Dr. Hellmuth Gensicke, who is a Crecelius descendant and the author of many articles on Nassau history and genealogy. There are a few variances in the different charts I have seen, and I have not yet had the opportunity to examine the documentation to see whether I can resolve the conflicts. Some charts, for instance, show Peter Crecelius (abt 1595 - 1635) and Johannes Crecelius (abt 1620 - 1693) as father and son, while others list them as brothers. Of course, it may turn out that there is no definitive answer, but only different people's guesses based on inadequate records. See a map showing where our Crecelius ancestors lived in Germany, along with a table showing which family events took place in each village.

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