Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great4: Gabbert and Sullivan

James Gabbert
born 9/29/1791
Lexington, VA
parents George Gabbert and Sally Anne Reed
died 9/2/1864, age 72
in Platte Co. MO
Mary Ann Sullivan
born 8/2/1796
died 8/4/1867
Platte, Missouri

Jesse James in Platte City, Missouri in 1864

Zarelda Ann Gabbert
John 1780
George 1782
Thomas 1784
Jacob 1784
Elizabeth "Betsy" 1789
Peter 1790
William 1794
Michael 1797
Sarah Sally 1799
Nancy 1802
Rachel 1803


Many women, as the year 1790 approached, tended more and more to follow the masculine mode of dress. The cut jacket and coat were very fashionable. The coats were made with lapels fastened across the front with buttons and loops (Fig. 73 D E).

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