Monday, July 19, 2010

Great7: Strasser

Peter Strasser
b: 1700
Mary Magdalena
b: 1700
no further info.

Johan Nicholas Strasser


  1. Hello! I found your blog while searching for my ancestors Maria Magdalena (Romer) Strasser and Peter Strasser. I belive I have some information that could help you. So far, I have researched the Strasser line back to 1630 in Germany. I was hoping you might have some photos or other information. I would love to correspond if you're interested. I just recently started researching my genealogy and am looking for some missing pieces. Thank you! My email is

  2. Any updates on history farther back than Peter and Maria?? I think Peter's father was Jacob but can't get anything concrete..

  3. If anyone has information on Johann Peter Strasser and his wife, Maria Magdalena Romer, I would greatly appreciate it if the information could be shared with myself also. Oh, by the way, "Hello, distant cousins." Please feel free to contact me at


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