Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great11: Dieter and Norte

Michael Dieter
b: 1586 in Schwaigern, Neckar, Wuerttemberg, Germany
parents Quirnius Dieter and Agnes Bader
d: 1635 in Schwaigern, Württemberg, Germany
Katherina (Catherine) Norte
b: 1585 in Schwaigern, Neckar, Wuerttemberg, Germany
father Hanns Norte b: 1555
d: 1678 in Schwaigern, Neckar, Württemberg, Germany


1. Anna Dieter b: 17 FEB 1610 in Schwaigern, Wurtembourg, Germany
2. Michael Teter b: 22 SEP 1613 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg, Germany
3. Johannes Dieter b: 21 JAN 1607 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemberg, Germany
4. Conrad Dieter b: 12 DEC 1619 in Schwaigern, Wurtembourg, Germany

Caspar Nothafft von Hohenberg († 1584), Darstellung des Ritters als Detail seines Epitaphs in der Stadtkirche Schwaigern


  1. I'm fairly certain that I'm related to Michael Teter. Is there a name of a cemetery in Schwaigern Germany that has his parent's grave markers?

    1. I'm sorry, I have very little European information.


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