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Ron Jerome Stallings
born 12/2/1946
(Ronald Jerome Boyd, adopted by Floyd Stallings, Aug 16, 1966)
Oakland, CA (Alameda)
lived in Houston, TX
Father: Floyd Stallings Sr
mother: Selma Lee Boyd
died 4/13/2009 of cancer
Oakland, CA

dated in 60s briefly: Andrea Campbell
child Josh Stallings 1968 (my late half-brother)
ex-wife Vickie Hobbs
partner Susan Marchionna

Ron's mother Selma Boyd Stallings was born in 1928. Her parents were Elbert (1893) and Jessie Boyd (1898) from Texas. Elbert is listed as a railroad laborer in the 1930 census. Her sisters were Norma Jean (1925), Audrey Bell (after 1930), Mary LaRuth (1920), Armenia (1918), and Wilma (after 1930). There was a brother too, whom Ron called "Big Don." They were all born in Texas.

?Boyd, Elbert C, b.July 23, 1897, d.Feb 15, 1958, Son of Andy & Nannie, Texas S2 US Navy WWI, Dbl marker with Willie
?Boyd, Jessie B, b.Mar 7, 1898, d.Nov 2, 1968, At Rest
Rome Cemetery, Henderson County, Texas

Ron's father Floyd (possibly his step-father) was married twice. I do not know her name.
Floyd Sr. date and place of birth unknown.

Ron's half brother, Floyd Stallings Jr, now deceased
wife Connie
4 children:
 Eric Stallings, twin sisters (Eryn and Eryka), and
another older sister (name) who had a rather severe disability, lived until about age 11.

Ron's father Floyd Sr. was the youngest of 9: including brothers Orlando Stallings, Bill Stallings, Neil Stallings, Richard Stallings, sisters were Thelma, and Mertle.

Richard had 2 boys, Tony and Richard, Mertle had 2 girls, Doris and Velda, and 1 boy. Bill and his wife Gladys had 12 children, including jazz vocalist, Mary Stallings.

Mary Stallings (born August 16, 1939 in San Francisco) is an American jazz vocalist and mother of R&B/soul singer Adriana EvansMary Stallings was born in San Francisco, one of the eldest of 11 children in the Stallings family; saxophonist Ron Stallings is her first cousin. She grew up in the Laurel Heights district, where she still lives, and started as a gospel singer at the First AME Church.[1] Her professional singing career began before she graduated from Lowell High School. Encouraged by her uncle, saxophonist Orlando Stallings, she listened closely to the great jazz singers.

 "Neil died before we were born." Info. from Carol Stallings
Uncle Orlando (jazz musician and had given Ron his first saxaphone lessons)
Orlando had three children:
Carol Stallings Holt,
Neil Stallings and
Jerri (Akara) Stallings

Theresa Stallings George

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  1. I'm pretty sure Floyd Sr. was Ron's stepfather. His real father left when he was an infant and he never knew him.


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