Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great10: Krecelius

Gemunden, Germany

Christian Krecelius
b: 1566 in Gemunden, Westerwald, Germany
Father: Dietrich "Theodor" Theodore Krekelius
b: 1540 in Gemunden, Westerwald, Germany
Mother: Margaretha Margarethe Weller b: 1549 in Germany
8 JUL 1635 in Nauheim, Nassau, Germany
Anna Loos
b: 1568 in Nassau, Germany
Father: Peter Los
Mother: Magdalena Anita
1637 in Nassau, Germany
Nauheim, Germany

In 1616, upon the death of his brother, Christian became pastor of the Lutheran church in Mensfelden, in which capacity he served until his death on 8 Jul 1635; he was at least 70. Upon his death, his son Peter became pastor in Mensfelden, but died only a couple weeks later.

1. Peter Krecelius b: 1595 in Nauheim, Nassau, Germany
2. Krecelius b: 1590 in Nassau, Germany

The Peace of Augsburg, also called the Augsburg Settlement,[1] was a treaty between Charles V and the forces of the Schmalkaldic League, an alliance of Lutheran princes, on September 25, 1555, at the imperial city of Augsburg, now in present-day BavariaGermany. It officially ended the religious struggle between the two groups and made the legal division of Christendom permanent within the Holy Roman Empire.

Shoes 1564

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