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Pastors in my family

There are 7 links here for pastors, who include:

Dietrich "Theodor" Theodore Krekelius or Krekel b 1540
From 1577 to 1628 Dietrich was Cantor (minister assigned to sing the liturgy at the cathedral) and cleric at St. Severus Stiftskirche in Gemèunden near Westerburg (then in Nassau, but since World War II in Rheinland/Pfalz), and was an instructor there at the Institute of St. Severus beginning in 1583. The year after his death in 1628, his widow Margarethe was convicted of witchcraft and beheaded in 1629.

Justus (Jodocus) Krecelius was pastor at Mensfelden 1602-1616. Justus' brother, Christian, was pastor at Nauheim 1596-1616, and then moved to Mensfelden until 1635.

Christian Krecelius b 1566 (father of Peter below)
In 1616, upon the death of his brother, Christian became pastor of the Lutheran church in Mensfelden, in which capacity he served until his death on 8 Jul 1635; he was at least 70. Upon his death, his son Peter became pastor in Mensfelden, but died only a couple weeks later.

Christian's son-in-law, Johann Jacob Koch, took over in Mensfelden and served until 1648. Peter Los, the father-in-law of Christian was canon or cantor in Gemunden in 1567, and pastor of Kettenbach 1572-1580.

Peter Krecelius b 1595 (son of Christian above)
Peter studied at the University of Marburg at least in 1626, taught school in Kirberg in 1629, and served as pastor at Nauheim from 1630 to 1635. After his father died on July 8, 1635, Peter became pastor at Mensfelden, but died only a couple weeks later on 24 Jul 1635. (Other sources say he served for five years.)

Hans Zug b 1664 "Hans Zaug of the jurisdiction of Signau, was taken prisoner and brought to Bern. Because of his Anabaptists beliefs, Preacher Hans remained in prison for approx 10 yrs before being exiled from his home country (Switzerland).

Christian Hershey
born 1665 in Emmental, Bern, Switzerland
1717 Immigrant was the first Mennonite Bishop in Lancaster Co, PA

Heinrich Ludwig Jr. b 1838 (his father)
Heinrich Christoph Ludwig was born in Rotweil and studied in Stutgart. Before he came to America he did tutoring in Germany. His father, Heinrich Ludwig Sr., was a German minister. It was told that his father at one time was a minister to the Kaiser.

Arnold Cyrus Heyman b 1877
minister, county agricultural agent** (Linn County, Oregon)religion changed from German Reformed Church to the Congregational church*eduation Heidelberg Univ. (Ohio) 1904, Chicago Theological Seminary 1908

Heinrich Aeppli d 1895 and Jeannette Pluss-Aeppli
missionaries in Basel Mission to Ghana - actually Heinrich was a business man that worked in the Trade Dept. of the Basel Mission, later to be the United Trade Company

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