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"Hi people! I ve done some research asking my father, grandfather and greatgrandfather (he is 105 and still alive!) about the origin of our surname and here's what I found.

The known story of the family goes back to the 18th century (ca.1750). They lived in a village called Loukas in Arcadia, near Tripoli in Peloponnese. There were 3 brothers and one sister. Greece was a part of the Ottoman empire back then and the Turks ruling the area had complete power over the locals. The legend says that some ottomans raped and killed the girl of the family. The 3 brothers took revenge by killing them and then left Loukas village to save their lives as they were hunted down. One went south to Messinia, the other east to Argos and the other north.
This explains partly how you find people named rekkas in all the Peloponnese.

The traces of the family before that era are lost, but I ve heard of two different scenarios.
The one is that rekkas is an ancient greek name which comes from the verb "rekazo" meaning I speak loud, so rekkas could mean the one that speaks loud.. This scenario implicates that rekkas people used to live in southern Greece before the medieval era...

The other scenario is that rekkas have a slavic origin, coming to Greece from far north (Serbia or even as far as Ukraine) and they took their name by "rijeka" which means river in all slavic dialects. This explains how you find people called Rekkas in north east Greece near the Bulgarian and Turkish borders..." Dimitris Rekkas

Rekazo=I speak loud

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