Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rio Grande Industrial School

After Arnold Cyrus Heyman graduated from Chicago Theological Seminary (and before that Heidelberg College in Ohio) he became superintendent of the Rio Grande Industrial School in New Mexico, a mission school for Mexican boys and girls [under the auspices of the Congregational Educational Society of Boston, MA] and was there 10 years.

1910 Census
San Jose, Bernalillo, New Mexico

A C Heyman 32
Hene Heyman 32 (Henrietta)
Ines M Heyman 3 (Inez)
Luewick H Heyman 1 (Ludwig)
Seraria Montoya 21
Louisa Lodwig 34
Refugio Molina 12
Reyes Molina 14
Polonia Mestas 14
Margarita Baca 24
Juanita Lucero 20
Eloisa Lucero 15
Isabel Gibson 12
Clara Serna 16
Amada Serna 16
Perfecta Gonrales 19
Teranita Baca 11
Matilda Candelaria 11
Julio Montano 18
Alfredo Sabedra 18
Francisco Serna 17
Manuel Chaves 15
Otaviano Garcia 15
Bonifacio Garcia 11
John French 10
Ofrian Moya 14
Aron Chaves 17
Pablo Chaves 19
Jacobo Valdes 10

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