Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hunt's Corner School

Photo shows children and their teacher posed in front of the Lyme Township School District # 1 at Hunt’s Corners, circa 1894. This school (no longer standing) was located across the road from the Hunt’s Corners Bed and Breakfast.

Top row: Henry Doerner, Charley Doerner, Billy Heyman, Calvin Heyman (the teacher, page 1034, Heymann History and Genealogy, 1560-1997), Ella Heyman, Roscoe Heyman, Arthur Heyman, Aldoph Doerner. Middle Row: Albert Doerner, Fred Doerner, John Kessler, Paul Heyman, Laura Heyman, Jake Kessler, Otto Erf, Dan Heyman, Calvin C. Heyman, and George Erf.

Lower row: Walter Farr, Will Koch, Minnie Koch, Mabel Heyman, Frank Kessler, William Farr, Louise Ringlein, Sandy Ringlein, Maud Wallick, and Zibbie Wallick.

Calvin Heyman taught school until 1897. He married Flora Heyman (page 448) and then engaged in farming and livestock breeding for the remainder of his life. He helped publish the “red book”, 1678-1931, distributed at the First Homecoming and Joint Reunion of the descendants of Johann Wilhelm Heymann (John George Heymann, John William Heymann, and William Conrad Heymann), on August 23, 1931. Ethel Heyman, their daughter (page 449) helped her father publish Supplement I, 1931-1940, and Supplement II, 1940-1947 and the 1973 Heymann Genealogy and History, 1630-1973.

"Don’t you wonder what caught the eye of the little girl in the bottom row— why she couldn’t stand still for the photographer? "

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