Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great11: Krekelius & Weller

Dietrich "Theodor" Theodore Krekelius
b: 1540 in Gemunden, Westerwald, Germany
Father: Thiel Krickelin b: 1514 in Wilsenroth, Germany
1628 in Westerburg, Germany
Margaretha Margarethe Weller
b: 1549 in Germany
parents unknown
d: 1629 in Germany
The year after his death, his widow Margarethe was convicted of witchcraft and beheaded. Find out how she lost her head.
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E. Stiftskirche St. Severus, Gemünden

From 1577 to 1628 Dietrich was Cantor (Lutheran cleric) at St. Severus Stiftskirche in Gemèunden near Westerburg (then in Nassau, but since World War II in Rheinland/Pfalz), and was an instructor there at the Institute of St. Severus beginning in 1583.

  • 1546 Schmalkaldic War (1546-1547)

    Schmalkaldic War (1546-1547): the first religious war in Germany, the alliance of Maurice of Saxony with Emperor Charles V places southern Germany in the hands of the emperor.
Charles V, enthroned over his defeated enemies (from left):SuleimanPope Clement VIIFrancis I, the Duke of Cleves, the Duke of Saxony and the Landgrave of Hesse. By Giulio Clovio, mid-16th century.

1. Christian Krecelius b: 1566 in Gemunden, Westerwald, Germany
2. Andreas Krekel b: 1568 in
3. Justus "Jodocus" Krecelius b: 1566 in Gemunden, Westerwald, Germany
4. Dietrich Krekel b: 1571 in Gemunden, Germany
5. Andreas Krekel b: 1573 in

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