Monday, July 19, 2010

Great7: Hershey and Oade

Christian Hersheyborn 1665 in Emmental, Bern, Switzerland
parents unknown
1717 Immigrant was the first Mennonite Bishop in Lancaster Co, PA
died 1729 in Lancaster Twp, Lancaster, Pa
Wife Oadeb: 1672 in Appenzell, Innesholden, Switzerland
parents unknown
died 12 MAY 1729 in Lancaster Co, Pa


1. Ann Anna Hershey b: 1698 in Appenzell, Switzerland
2. Benjamin Hershey b: 1696 in Friedelsheim, Palatinate, Germany
3. Christian Hershi b: 1705 in Appenzell, Innesholden, Switzerland
4. Andrew (Preacher) Hershey b: 11 FEB 1698 in Appenzell, Innesholden, Switzerland
5. Christian Hershi b: 1690 in Friedelsheim, Palatinate, France
6. Anne Hershey b: 1700 in
7. Anna Elizabeth Hershey b: 1689 in
8. Andrew Hershey b: 1702 in Friedelsheim, Palatinate, France
9. Benjamin Hershey b: 1697 in Friedelsheim, Palatinate, France

Switzerland Timeline

Peasant's War of Switzerland and Germany 1653

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