Monday, July 19, 2010

Great6: Stumpf

Johann Daniel Stumpf
born 1724 in Wurtenburg, Germany, immigrated 1754
parents Johann Phillip Stumpf and Rebecca or Magdalena Magdalena
died 1781 in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pennsylvania
Anna Maria Maria ?
b: 1721 in Germany
no further info.


John Jacob Stump Sr. b: 1745 in Germany
Liss ? Stump
Mary Stump
Elisabeth Stump b: 1740 in Wurtenburg, Germany c: 29 OCT 1761 in Allemaengel, Albany, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
Catherine Stump b: 1748 in Albany Twp, PA
Johann George Stump b: 11 FEB 1748 in Germany
Barbara Stump b: JAN 1759 in Allemaengel Albany Berks Co, PA
Elizabeth Stump b: 1740

Daniel arrived at the port of Philadelphia on the ship "Richard and Mary" on September 30, 1754 from Wurtenburg, Germany or Prussia. He then went to Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

"Daniel Stumpf sailed with the Richard and Mary on 9/3 0/1754 as it tooksail from Rotterdam, then Cowes, John Moore, master with 230 f reights and6 Roman Catholics aboard."--Faye Ann Adams. Event of Allemangel. (T akenfrom research report done by Max Colgrove, descendant, 2002)

Headstone : Daniel Stumpf was born____, 1724, and entered into marriage on_____,leaving behind his wife and two daughters, he died after a long illnesson _____, 1779. He was 55 years___ old. Note: This stone is only partly legible and one cann ot be sure even ofthe name. (Taken from research report done by Max Colgrove, descendant, 2002)

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