Wednesday, July 14, 2010

janeaology tips

  1. Human Resources: the most helpful thing is the relatives you know who are also interested in the family tree and have some information to start with. My grandfather had made a tree that had quite a bit of info. That's where I started. My other helpers are: my mother, her cousin John and his son Erik, and her cousin Terry. For the Rekas family, Greg's niece Melissa had done quite a bit of their tree in the 8th grade; it was great to put it online!
  2. Free Software: I started entering my tree at and then was able to export this information in a genealogy file format called a GEDCOM. You download free software that is incredible. Everyone who is researching through MyHeritage can share matches, which allows you to grow your tree quite quickly.
  3. GEDCOM: then I uploaded the .ged file to other sites, such at where you can also search without uploading.
  4. Family Search: the LDS church has a vast database also at and it references their collection of microfilm which you can order to be viewed at one of their Family History Centers at your local LDS church.
  5. Money: eventually you'll probably throw a little money at this and join, but don't do that until you've got a family tree .ged file that you can upload. Once you do, they give you tips connected to vital records.

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  1. Shout out to Melissa Rekas for her contributions to the Rekas family tree.


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