Saturday, July 3, 2010

where I first lived

"When you were born, I lived in a 2-room apartment on Vallejo Street in North Beach area of SF. I believe it was 725 Vallejo. "

725 Vallejo, San Francisco, CA

We moved to a little house on top of I think Russian Hill and lived with Barbara and Megan. It would have been some time in 1966 since you were 10 months old.

221 Downey St., San Francisco, CA

We moved to the Haight and 221 Downey St. in February 1967. It was a lower flat and we shared it with Barbara and Megan and various other people over the coming months. Our room was in the back of the flat and had a great view. It's the room of the photo of you sitting up on a stool with no clothes on drawing on a table. Do you have that photo? We were still living there when Josh was born in 1968.

2436 Jones St., San Francisco, CA

In June 1968 we moved back to North Beach - 2436 Jones St. - (you could mapquest all these I suppose).

Here we lived with Leah and Shoshannah and various other people.
In August 1968 we moved in briefly with my friend Linda (and Sylvia and Shekinah) who is now Electra.

95 Scott St., San Francisco, CA

By October we had found a flat to share with some other women at 95 Scott St. The 3 of us had one big room. It was during this time that I went to an encounter group.

1822 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA

In October 1968 we moved to a little apartment next door in a building to Leah and Shoshannah on 1822 McAllister. I think it was near Golden Gate Park. It was here that I began to scheme to move to Marin County."

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